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2015 Recipients

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2014 Recipients

Amanda Sosa

As the Center Director, Amanda Sosa is a wonderful resource at the Harry D. McGovern Alumni Center. She is always friendly and courteous and goes above and beyond to help meet our needs for an event. She comes up with suggestions and ideas and is truly a great NDSU employee. She is the best!!

Thomas Cocozzello

Tom was so very helpful when I was having an issue with wireless access with my phone. He immediately stopped what he was doing to quickly assist me and within minutes everything was working properly. I so appreciated his prompt and courteous customer service!

LaVon Whipple

Nomination 1: LaVon is the sweetheart that works at the Barry Hall coffee shop. She always greets everyone with a smile no matter on our mood! Sometimes I go and get a coffee just so I can see her! 

Nomination 2: This is literally the sweetest lady on campus. I come in everyday with my order and she is more than happy to make it as well as make chit chat with the biggest smile on her face! Her positive attitude is so contagious and my morning trips to get some coffee make my tough morning classes so much more bearable. She knows a large number of students on a first name basis. This lady needs an award!

Nomination 3: Works in Barry Hall Coffee Shop.  Always says "hi" to everyone and makes everyone's day better.

Douglas Nowatzki

I would like to nominate Doug for the Campus Kudos recognition because he always has a positive attitude and a smile on his face. Our entire office often comments on how much they appreciate the positivity that Doug brings into the office twice a day. He seems to really enjoy his job and works very hard at it. He is someone who is very approachable and is willing to go above and beyond to help out. He is an asset to NDSU and should know how much his positive attitude and hard work are appreciated.

Jodi Askew

The Student Life Office ordered a couple of engraved pen sets from the NDSU Bookstore to be presented at a luncheon on Wednesday, April 30. Unfortunately, we did not have the items the morning of the scheduled event. When I went to the bookstore to inquire about them, Jodi Askew was already on top of things. She had checked the tracking number and verified that the pens were due to be shipped at 11:00 that day. I really appreciated that she was already on top of things.

The shipment was due at 11:00, which was only one hour before the event off-campus. Jodi had already alerted their staff to locate the pens as soon as the order arrived. I was very impressed because I can only imagine how large their shipment was.

Shortly after I returned to my desk, Jodi called me with a back-up plan in the event that the delivery was running late or in case it took them a while to get to the pens. She gift wrapped a couple of boxed pen sets from the store so that the recipients would have something to open. I’m please to say that we never had to present these proxy gifts. The engraved pens were hand delivered to our office in the nick of time!

When I returned the gift wrapped pens to Jodi afterwards, I let her know that I was able to rush the pens to the location of the luncheon in time. She was very relieved because it would have been the first time a special order didn’t make it in on time. Jodi went above and beyond in regard to customer service! Kudos to Jodi!

Jeff Gimbel

Jeff has really helped us with some new technology issues. He is patient and never talks down to us. We couldn't have done it without his help. He is an invaluable resource. 

2013 Recipients

JoVal Wettlaufer

I would like to nominate JoVal Wettlaufer for the Campus Kudos recognition. JoVal is the Coordinator of Campus Recreation and Intramural Sports for the Wellness Department. She works to serve the students by running the Campus Recreation programs including Intramurals and the NDSU Climbing Wall. I am impressed by JoVal's professionalism and passion for providing quality programs, as well as her ability to provide strong leadership to her team of student employees. JoVal has also taken initiative to provide strong leadership in the area of emergency response and preparedness for all Wellness Center staff. She teaches safety certification courses and leads our Emergency Response Committee. Her efforts have made the Wellness Center a much safer place for all of our students. Her work has a wide ranging-impact on thousands of students who participate in Wellness programs every semester. JoVal is very humble when it comes to serving others. She goes about her work quietly, in many cases going unnoticed. She is organized and professional, which serve compliment her quality of work. I believe JoVal is deserving of the Campus Kudos award, and deserves the recognition for serving the NDSU community with passion and hard work every day.

Tandee Brakken

Tandee was instrumental in helping HR/Payroll with the proper format for addressing the W-2 and 1042-S tax documents for the employees that live in campus housing. She volunteered to go the extra mile by hand delivering the tax forms that were rejected by the US Post Office to each housing unit for redistribution. This saved the University additional postal costs and the employees received their tax documents much sooner than waiting for US Mail service.

Tandee also shows great interest and concern for employees in Residence Life, by keeping them informed. Each January, HR/Payroll sends e-mails to all employees regarding expiring tax forms, she posts and redistributes these notifications to employees and their supervisors so that no one misses the notification. During the Fall hiring season, she verifies that all of her incoming employees have completed the necessary forms to begin working at NDSU. She works closely with HR/Payroll to make sure that all of her employees are in compliance with Federal and State laws.

Tandee is a great asset to Residence Life and NDSU!!!

Mary Asheim

Mary has done an outstanding job as the Communications Officer for Staff Senate. This is a fairly new position and Mary has definitely set the bar high. Her leadership as the PR committee chair has created outstanding results and the effort she puts forth to bring ideas to fruition is so impressive. The basis for the Kudos award is to recognize members of the campus community for outstanding customer service, teamwork, integrity, quality and efforts towards continuous improvement. Mary’s work as the communications officer embodies every one of these characteristics. I am sure that Mary would want me to recognize the contributions of the PR Committee members. They also should be applauded for their work, but her leadership has motivated this group to accomplish a lot on behalf of staff and staff senate. Great job Mary. Great job PR committee. 

Maynard Schmidt

Our new 4-ton X-ray unit showed up at 8:00 on a Monday morning, fully 26 hours ahead of the scheduled delivery date. Maynard interrupted his work to move this awkward, delicate, and expensive instrument from the truck to a storage facility right away. And he did it expertly, AND with a smile. Thank you, Maynard, for handling the "forklift emergency"!

Anita Welch

I would like to nominate Dr. Anita Welch for a Campus Kudos award.  I have known and worked with Dr. Welch for the last three years and she deserves to be recognized for many reasons. 

First, Dr. Welch sets high expectations for her students.  I have taken several classes from Dr. Welch and because of her demand for excellence, I have had to work hard in each and every one of her classes, but in doing so I have gained so much valuable knowledge that I can put to use in my classroom.  

Next, Dr. Welch is always willing to help her students.  I am a distance student, living near Cartwright, ND, and this has created a few challenges for me as I worked through graduate school.  I apreciate that even though I know Dr. Welch is busy, she is always willing to do anything from collect signatures for paperwork to answer questions on the weekends about that dreaded Stats course she teaches!

Last, my experience at NDSU would not have been as positive as it has been if Dr. Welch hadn't gotten to know me as a person.  I have only been to campus three times in the last three years, but Dr. Welch has made me feel comfortable and welcomed each time.  I know that she cares about my eduation and for that I say Kudos!

Chris Anderson, David Dynes, Frank Duray

Chris, Dave, and Frank work in Print and Copy Services in Ag Communications. All three have excellent customer service. On several occasions I have witnessed a customer wanting a print job on very short notice, sometimes immediately, and they accommodate the request no matter what it is. They are all very easy to work with and make being at work enjoyable. 

Sara Kuhry

Sara is the Communication Coordinator at the Wellness Center and has made it a pleasure to come to work. She continues to provide high quality work no matter how many projects she is given. She is easy to work with and gives honest, open feedback! I want to nominate Sara for this award for being a great asset to my team, always providing great results in a timely manner. I love working with her.  :)

David Dahl

While trying to set up the Bison Card reader for Panda Express on Thursday, 8/30 a wiring issue was discovered by David Dahl. In 24 hours the connection was setup correctly and the campus had the capability to use Bison Bucks and Bison Charge at Panda Express. David dropped what he was scheduled to do to make certain the campus community had the services they have come to expect. (Ok, David is a user of the Bison Charge program so he may have had a vested interest!)

Nate Gonser and Michael Aho

I want to express the great appreciation that I and my department have for the work that the IT Help Desk team does. They are absolutely terrific. Each and every one of them.

Most recently, we had 4 new positions to fill in our office. With that came the removal of email accounts, obtaining email addresses and access to shared drives, etc., etc. I was constantly bombarding Nate Gonser and Michael Aho with requests and minor issues. Their response time could not have been better. I really felt that they went above and beyond. They were so helpful and made getting our new employees up and running with barely a hitch.

I can't tell you how good that feels to a new employee to be 'ready to go' on their first day of work. It's makes them feel like part of the team they are joining and not so out of place.

Thank you for all you do to make our world - and the whole campus - a better place to work. IT is lucky to have you!

Rich Lodewyk

We were in need of great video footage of campus life at NDSU for a project, when uncooperative weather prevented us from getting the video we needed in a time crunch. After contacting Rich Lodweyk, Communications Department faculty and advisor to Bison Information Network, Rich quickly located excellent video footage taken by NDSU students that could be used for our time-crunched project. He provided excellent customer service, while promoting the work of his students in the Bison Information Network and SUTV.

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2012 Recipients

Shelley Rice

As HR Assistant, one of Shelley's roles is to process Tuition Waiver forms. I appreciate her patience and persistence in explaining the process and verifying eligibility for my son, a new freshman student at NDSU. She helped me understand and benefit from this very valuable "perk" for employees. Thank you, Shelley!

Eric Exner

Eric is great to work with. He is always friendly and has a positive attitude. He’s dependable, always going above and beyond to help me even when he’s busy. He has so much knowledge with PeopleSoft and our accounting system and is willing to share it. He enables me to be better at my job and understand NDSU’s accounting system. I don’t feel “thank you” is sufficient for all he’s taught me.

Devin Styczynski, Adam Christiansen, and Bill Lenarz

Bill, Devin and Adam went above and beyond to bring an idea for the Homecoming float to a reality. They took the lead in getting the materials, cutting out letters and Bison, stenciling and painting the wood for the float and assembling it on parade day. The teamwork shown by these three exemplifies the wonderful senators we have and truly defines teamwork.

CJ Johnson

CJ helped me design and co-facilitate an iPad training at NDSU Extension's Fall Conference the week of November 5. I am a newer employee and this was my first time presenting to this group and CJ did an excellent job in mentoring and co-facilitating. I learned a lot from him and appreciate his helpfulnes! He is an excellent trainer!

Steve Beckermann

I had a major project to work on a video file of 19 minutes. Steve walked me through each and every step and prepared me to work on my own to accomplish this task. I sincerely regards his training session and thank his support. 

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2011 Recipients

Dorothy Davis

We would like to nominate Dorothy Davis for a Campus Kudos for the exemplary work she does in the Accounting Office. Dorothy's attention to detail and knowledge of accounting policies is vital to NDSU and affects the departments within NDSU on a daily basis. We want to thank her for her integrity and help throughout the years. Thanks Dorothy!!!

NDSU Student Government

NDSU Student Government gave $40,000 to Gold Star Marching band and Staff Senate would like to recognize their support of the band.

NDSU Gold Star Marching Band 2010

The NDSU Staff Senate Executive Committee recommends the NDSU Gold Star Marching Band 2010 for outstanding service and commitment to the University, community and the state of North Dakota for continuing to perform without stipends for participation. It is commendable and recognized that each individual made adjustments to continue the fine 100 plus years of tradition. The Gold Star Marching Band truly is the pride of North Dakota State University and of North Dakota.

Victoria Miller

I have had the pleasure of working with Vicki Miller on the Valentine Ball Committee for the last three years. She chaired the committee this year, and it was the largest turnout of students, faculty, staff and alumni to date.

Vicki is organized and easily handles situations at the last minute. When we needed extra food, table arrangments etc., she was there to deliver.

She puts 110% into this event and that is why it has been so successful.

Garrett Brunell

Garrett Brunell is a graduate student of Civil Engineering. During his undergraduate degree here, Garrett is an ASCE member, with 1 year as a Build Team Member, and two years as a Co-Captain for the Steel Bridge Team in which we placed 1st in Nationals in 2010. During this time he has been extremely helpful in CE Dept. He made shelves on his own time to be able to display the awards and has helped staff numerous ways in which he was not required. Currently, he is a GTA and also helps with our new CE Website. I can’t thank him enough for all the support he has given the CE department.

Diane Ness

Diane is always pleasant to work with and never seems to let the pressure get to her. There are many times where I have had to submit a job late, but she always gets the job out. She is a team player, so when Bill is not around she is delivering all the jobs herself, which is always a nice suprise to see her!

Rae Ann Berg

I would like to mention RaeAnn Berg, ANSC for her outstanding work and respectful and efficiently way that she execute her tasks.

Matthew J. Piehl

Matt works for Enterprise Computing and Infrastructure, and he has assisted us in maintaining regulated access to our information storage system. He is available and friendly and persistent and unfailingly cheerful--what could be more helpful?

Paul Froeschle

Paul tho no longer a member of the Staff Senate volunteered his time and expertise to help build the 2011 Staff Senate Homecoming float.  Not only did he give up hours to help build the float but he also cheerfully volunteered to help tear it down.  This is not surprising for this is just who Paul is. He is the first one to lend a helping hand to staff and students with a cheerful smile and a joke or two.  The Homecoming committee would like to show our appreciation and nominate Paul Froeschle for the Kudo Award.

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2010 Recipients

Blair Johnson

I would like to nominate Blair Johnson of ITS Desktop Support for the Campus Kudos Award. I recently had the pleasure of working with Blair after a most unpleasant computer virus struck my University-issued laptop. Blair was extremely conscientious of my time and schedule, and performed his duties as a true professional.

Throughout this ordeal, Blair did everything he could to resolve my technical problems remotely. When it was determined that I would need to turn over my machine for a day or two, he was very flexible to make sure it was at a time that I could manage without it. He walked over to my office to pick up/deliver my computer and to make sure things were working properly. I would offer to meet him 'half-way' (in the Union), but he would say, "No, Kristi, I am here to serve you."

Blair was very thoughtful and clear in explaining what he suspected the problem to be, articulated what his plan for remedying the situation was, and followed through on what he said he was going and when it would be completed.

In addition to his numerous acts of kindness and respect, he quickly established with me a level of credibility and trust. He knew he was dealing with a lot of sensitive information on my laptop, and assured me that protecting and preserving that information was a top priority.

He understood that being without a functioning laptop was an impediment to the work I do on behalf of the Univeristy. He demonstrated his care and concern to me professionally, as well as personally for feeling inconvenienced. He made sure I could still access information I needed temporarily through shared drives, etc. while he worked on my machine.

In addition to his excellent customer service and high level of professionalism while working on my computer, he followed-up with me and asked me to do the same with him should I experience anything- at all -out of the ordinary.

Overall, working with Blair made a bad situation not only very tolerable, but even enjoyable. He is a hidden treasure on campus, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to be served by him.

Brent Goosen

Brent is a welder in the Pilot Plant and a hero to NDSU Upward Bound for the second year during Homecoming. Brent was instrument in assisting the Upward Bound staff with the removal of a bench from the wagon the night before NDSU Homecoming. He stayed and removed the bench when he was supposed to be on his way to Hutchinson, MN to watch his son play football. We later learned that he made the game on time. Upward Bound is an pre-college program with tools, like wreches and stuff. Thanks to Brent our float was amazing without the bench.

2009 Recipients

Mary Asheim

I first started working with Mary when we organized the First Annual Valentine Ball for 2008. I found her to be a pleasure to work with then and I continue to be very impressed by her willingness to be helpful at all times. She is always friendly and professional. I think what I like most of all, is, she makes me feel like I am not a bother and not just a portion of her job. When I ask for something she just helps get it done - what a wonderful attitude! Thank you Mary.

Gloria Nysveen

Gloria is a gem and a walking encyclopeadia for the Nursing Department. She has been here for a long time and the department would stop running without her. I joined the Nursing Department in August of 2008 and she has been there every step of the way, and not just for me - she has time for the faculty, students, staff and just everyone! I nominate her highly for the Campus Kudos Award.

Robin S. Lamppa

Robin is erudite, articulate, versatile, energetic and dedicated staff employee of Plant Pathology Department. Our lab (Dr. Rubella Goswami) technician, goes by the lines of "Mr. Abraham Lincoln- I desire to build into my own character the keen sense of justice, the untiring spirit of patience, the sense of humor, the human understanding, and the tolerance which were your distinguishing characteristics". Despite being in his early 50s, he is willing to be charged with almost anything with a broad smile, rather than to be charged with being a leader. Hats off to his patience, he is motivated and motivates others with his dedication and accountability.

Duane "Ace" Johnson

I nominate our mailman Ace for a Campus Kudo award. He is always on time to deliver the mail in the rain, snow, cold, wind, heat, humidity...well, you get the idea. Some may say "that's his job". However, would you always have a smile and a friendly greeting on your face when you were cold or sopping wet? Ace has very few "perfect" weather days yet he is always there and ready to assist you. I appreciate the dedication that Ace shows and think he's very deserving of this award.

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2006-2008 Recipients

Vance Olson

Facilities Management

"I think Vance did a fabulous job making sure that NDSU's Valentine ball went off without a hitch.  He was instrumental in working with the volunteer committee. He made sure the event was respectful and well organized. He let the students voice their opinions and work out the issues while guiding them in the proper direction without being bossy. Vance was very well informed off all the necessary steps.  He was extremely conscious of the monetary issues and stayed well in formed in all aspects. I think Vance was a great leader and lead a great group that accomplished a great event!"

Nathan Nerenz


"Nathan is the computer support person in our college. I was having a problem with my computer which was difficult to fix, but Nathan didn’t give up until it was resolved. He came to my desk at least four times and spent several hours trying to solve and fix the problem. He was friendly, courteous and I appreciate all of his help. I know from talking to others, his friendly manner and attitude is extended to everyone. He is an asset to our college."

Shelly Swandal

Info Systems & Student Services Coordinator
Agribusiness & Applied Econ

"During the past several years, Shelly has stepped up to perform services and otherwise contributed in ways far beyond her responsibilities. She responds to student emails on the weekend and when she is on vacation regarding their technology issues. I could not offer our students the level of instruction online that we provide without her. She is such an important part of this campus!"

Steve Schwandt

Auto Service Worker

Facilities Management "Steve always has a smile on his face and is willing to help someone out at a moments notice. He is well liked by many people on and off campus. He teaches a class on automotive care for students on campus in conjunction with the Memorial Union Recreation and Outing Center. Steve also helps out in the winter with snow removal."

Marc Wallman


Director, IT Infrastructure
Information Tech Services

"Marc Wallman took the time to call in a telephone pole that was rotten and in serious jeopardy of falling over on a windy day. He took the time when other people had already walked by. It was on a Friday that was very windy and it was very noticeable. Thanks to Marc because this power pole would have fallen onto pedestrians, cars and buildings."

Kim Teske


Technology & Events Coordinator
Career Center

"The Career Center puts on nine events each year and Kim does an excellent job staying on top of deadlines, marketing, organizing and much more. She’s a very welcome asset to NDSU."

Mary Marto


Menu Management Coordinator
Dining Services

"Mary always goes the extra mile for fellow staff members and takes staff with disabilities under her wing. She does a lot of anonymous things without ever expecting anything in return."

Dr. William Martin

Head, School of Education

"Dr. Martin is skilled at listening and considering alternative points of view. He goes out of his way to be sure faculty and staff feel valued. He treats us with fairness and honesty which fosters trust."

Amali Samarasinghe

NDSU Student

"Quality work and unimpeachable integrity are the hallmarks of Amali’s science. Her teamwork extends beyond her work in the lab: remembering birthdays, sending ‘get well soon’ cards, and caring about the welfare of her labmates."

Donna Alby

Administrative Secretary
Mechanical Engineering

"Donna has been on campus over 20 years and has exhibited all of the valued behaviors. Her customer service is top-notch, whether assisting faculty or serving as the ‘elevator lady’ in the dorms when new freshmen come onto campus."

Bill Kozojed

Equipment Operator
Document Publishing

"Bill is always in a good mood, with a smile on his face, even though his job has got to be demanding! He makes everyone's day just a little bit brighter, taking customer service to the next level in my book."

Bobbi Riziska

Administrative Coordinator
University Police

"Bobbi has restructured the record keeping system so it runs like clockwork and has done a tremendous amount of work on the Clary Act and Campus Security information. She is a tireless worker who gives 110%."

Ann Sitzmann

Assistant Director
Career Center

"Ann is very professional and knowledgeable. Ann does a remarkable job with the Accounting Club and Meet the Firms Night. She is extremely helpful to students exploring career opportunities."

Sarah Hunter

Hall Director

"Sarah is always a pleasure to work with and has been instrumental in planning and organizing Residence Fall Training. She is ALWAYS on top of her game with vision, enthusiasm and a willingness to help."

Blair Johnson

Microcomputer Hardware Tech

"Blair goes out of his way to fit in our requests, even at his inconvenience—AND, he always helps with a smile! When many of us grumble over a computer problem, Blair says ‘isn’t this interesting!"

Rhonda Kitch

Assistant Registrar

"Over the years, I’ve greatly appreciated Rhonda’s professionalism, compassion, and ability to communicate clearly. She’s thorough and responds quickly. Thank you for your numerous contributions to this campus."

Amy Ochoa

Account Assistant

"Amy is always willing to help with travel arrangements, reimbursements and pointing people in the right directions for forms. She is always pleasant to visit with and has a great sense of humor!"

Ruth Anne Faulkner

Administrative Assistant
Center for Science & Math Education

"Ruth Anne constantly makes everyone feel like they are the most important person she has to deal with. She is caring, compassionate and giving. She takes care of things to the nth degree."

Diane Axness

Administrative Secretary
College of Business

"Diane is always ready and willing to help faculty and students and will typically interrupt whatever she is working on to assist others. Her promptness and friendly nature is much appreciated!!"

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2005-2006 Recipients

Bruce Frantz

Director of Facilities Management

"Bruce has shown such tremendous support of Staff Senate throughout the year including going above and beyond by sending a final memo encouraging his staff to self nomination themselves or others.  he is a real team player and I have so appreciate his input and support. Thank you Bruce."

Lyn Pletta

Benefits Specialist for Human Resources

"Lyn is the Benefits Specialist for NDSU. She holds benefit sessions every Monday and Wednesday, she has helped countless numbers of staff/faculty with the enrollment of benefits, any questions about their benefits, etc. She is always the person in the office that is there if someone needs help with something; she is a great team player.  She has been with PeopleSoft from the start, and she works very hard to fix anything that comes up in the system pertaining to an employee's benefits before it affects them."

Brian Kennedy

Desktop Support Specialist

"My computer crashed and was "pretty friend." Everything I had --syllabi, notes, test, recommendations -- were on the hard drive; I was very upset. But Brian, a Desktop Support Specialist with ITS never gave up trying everything he could and eventually retrieved everything!  He spent many, many hours and I am deeply, deeply grateful.  When I said that owed him a lot, he just shrugged it off and said, "That's what they pay for me." No, Brian, you are extraordinary, and very deserving of special recognition."

Donald Lebakken

Carpenter, Facilities Management

"I had the pleasure of being able to work with Don Lebakken Fall Semester of this year. He was called to our department to help mount two new sewing machines. Due to a series of events, Don needed to visit the sewing lab on at least three separate occasions to complete the project. In the end he needed to remake the top of the table where the machines are mounted in order for the students to use them. Don was always pleasant and willing to help however he could. I appreciated his skilled workmanskip and positive attitude throughout the completion of this project. The tables look great. Thank you."

Steve Walker

NDSU Student

"My husband and I attended two volleyball games. On both nights it was a pleasure to watch Steve throw mini volleyballs to children during the breaks. One night Steve caught one of the balls and he played catch with a child for about ten minutes. At the end he gave the ball to the boy and you could just see how happy the child was that his HERO had taken the time to play with him.  The boy even had Steve autograph the ball.  It was great to see such an unselfish act!"

Dana Davis

NDSU Admission Counselor

"Dana Always has a warm, inviting demeanor with everyone she interacts with.  She exudes a very kind and gentle attitude with students and staff.  She is willing to take on any project with a smile and always completes it to the best of her ability. She is a joy to work with."

Peggy Cossette

Assistant to the Dean in the College of HD&E

"Peggy was very helpful in getting me an answer regarding a Program Fee, for myself as a staff person taking classes through tuition waivers. This was not the first time Peggy went out of her way to resolve programs or give an encouraging word."


2004-2005 Recipients

Aquina Beck

Campus Kudos Recipient

"Aquina is wonderful to work with.  She is friendly and eager to help.  She watches out for her employees and is concerned about their safety.  She is very prompt in getting the incident reports in and following up with training, etc."

Melanie Milam

Campus Kudos Recipient

"Melanie is a person who goes out of her way to accommodate the needs of all persons who come across her desk. She is an example of going the extra mile--to counsel a student, find a package, or match the need with the correct expertise."

Matthew Walker

Campus Kudos Recipient

"Over the weekend of January 7-9, 2005, Matthew Walker served as the on-call plumber for campus.  Sevrinson and Pavek Hall both experienced significant water issues that brought Matthew to campus several times and for extensive work both in the middle of the night and throughout large portions of the day.  Despite the last night and numerous calls, he was extremely friendly and helpful to the residence hall staff.  Matthew exemplified customer service and assisted in keeping stressful facility concerns manageable and calm."

Gail Schmidt

Campus Kudos Recipient

Gail is always smiling and has a great attitude.  Gail has become known as the 'go to gal.' I often am contacting her to find out answers regarding our Cooperative Education students.  She always has an answer and if not, she'll find out what the answer is. Gail is a true asset to Registration and Records and NDSU.

Ron Koehler

Facilities Management

Ron does a lot of work for the Libraries on Thursday when he picks up and delivers any large (and often times heavy) items that we may have.  We all appreciate the hard work that he does for us.

Other Campus Kudos Recipients

ITS Network Services:
Carla Johnson, Valerie Nordsletten, Cheryl Swanson, Chad Foster, Diane Clark, Bruce Curtis, and David Dahl
February 2004
Teresa SonsthagenJanuary 2004
NDSU Telecommunications StaffJanuary 2004
Charles Cherry, Office of Trio ProgramsNovember 2003
Jane Devaney, Facilities ManagementNovember 2003

Trish Tallakson, Graduate Student and
Heidi Frie, NDSU Counseling and Disability Services

October 2003
John Underwood, ITS Help DeskOctober 2003
Deb Ott, Registration and RecordsOctober 2003
Program Presenters, which have been awarded Campus Kudos:
Joseph Chapman, NDSU President
Theresa Semmens, NDSU IT Security Officer
Paul Boswell, Director of Multicultural Student Services
David Wahlberg, University Relations
Ray Tozer, President and
Tanya Northagen, President Elect UND Staff Senate
Paul Boswell, Brandon Richard, and Larry Peterson: TOCAR - Training Our Campuses Against Racism
Dean Aakre, University Senate Parliamentarian
Rhonda Kitch, Office of Admission, Kara Stack, Campus Programs, and Allyn Kostecki, Office of Trio Programs
Dr. Tom Moberg, Vice Provost and Chief Information Officer
Bruce Frantz, Director, Facilities Management

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