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Staff Senate


Staff Senate Committees 2014-2015

Executive Committee

Executive - The steering committee of the Staff Senate.

Standing Committees

Bylaws - reviews, suggests, and proposes amendments to the Bylaws, as well as, suggests updates to committee descriptions on the Staff Senate Web site.

Election - rules on questions relating to qualifications of electors and members, nominates and receives nominations, presents a slate of nominees, and conducts the elections.

Legislative - monitors and reports legislative activity to the Staff Senate placing particular emphasis on initiatives affecting higher education and NDSU staff.  The committee depends on feedback from Staff Senate to propose and initiate a coordinated effort as a result of the given information; and monitors and reports on other federal, state and regional governing parties, such as North Dakota University System, the State Board of Higher Education, NDPERS, etc. for activity that may impact higher education, NDSU staff.

Public Relations - 1) publicizes the activities of the Staff Senate internally and externally; 2) assists the Staff Senate in opening up channels of communication among braodbanded staff, and between broadbanded staff and administration; 3) develops ways to help broadbanded staff become more public relations minded by presenting a more positive and professional image to the university's various constituencies and, conversely, to develop guidelines on how the administration can assist in that effort; and 4) raises public awareness about the vital role performed by broadbanded staff in the success of the university.

Information Technology (IT) Committee - works with other committees to gather information to post on the Staff Senate Web site; reports, disseminates, and updates appropriate information technology to Staff Senate; and carries concerns from Staff Senate to the Division of IT.

Scholarship - administers the Broadbanded Staff Scholarship on an annual basis as outlined by the Classified Staff Scholarship Endowment (revised 9/23/93), by determining number and amount of scholarships based on available funds; by designing, updating, and disseminating application forms; and by selecting recipients.  the committee also administers discretionary Staff Senate scholarships when additional funds are made available.

Staff Development - identifies programs and activities that will provide personal and professional growth opportunities for university staff. In identifying programs, the committee will assess the needs and wants of staff through questionnaires and surveys.

Staff Recognition - reviews the guidelines for and administers awards, including Campus Kudos. The committee also provides recognition to staff who are recipients of outside awards.

Campus Relations Committee (formerly Valentine’s Ball) - coordinate events that reach the campus community; foster collaboration between Staff Senate and campus organizations; and market and advertise for all events.

Gunkelman Awards - meets to select through campus nomination those persons qualified to receive an award.

Senate Coordinating Council

Senate Coordinating Council Representatives - The Staff Senate shall be represented on Senate Coordinating Council by three (3) Staff Senate representatives: the president, past president and vice president to ensure the continuity of information and expertise. These Staff Senate representatives shall have the full rights of senators in Senate Coordinating Council matters. The Staff Senate will nominate and vote annually for these representatives.  See NDSU Policy 714 for more details.

Senate Coordinating Council Committees

Campus Space and Facilities - recommends policies for facilities.

Library - formulates policy recommendations for the NDSU
Libraries relating to areas such as general operations, interlibrary loans,
borrowing privileges, periodicals, acquisitions, media, data bases, electronic,
and other services.

University Athletics - two (2) Staff Senators serve to promote compliance with principles of conduct as defined by the NCAA and formulates policy recommendations regarding athletic guidelines. Stimulates interest in athletic events for the entire university community.

Equal Opportunity Hearing Panel - the selection of this panel shall be comprised of six (6) Staff Senate members, appointed by the Staff Senate President from a list of senators forwarded to the president or members of the Staff Senate Executive Committee, and in consultation with that same Committee, serving with six (6) appointed faculty members, and six (6) appointed students, acting in accordance with procedures and Policy 156.

Other Committees/Advisory Boards/Councils/Ad Hoc Committees

ND Council of State Employees (COSE) - 3 year term; one representative a
member of Staff Senate; 2 alternates can be any staff employee - strives to
enhance the morale, productivity, and image of state employees and to develop an appreciation of state agencies and programs among the people of the state.

North Dakota University System (NDUS) Staff Senate - 3 year term: (3 members of the NDSU Staff Senate at the time of election with one representative vote.  A member shall become an ex-officio senator of the NDSU Staff Senate with no voting privileges at the end of his/her third election term or if not re-elected to a new term):  serve the staff employees of the NDUS colleges and universities as a forum to consider matters, concepts and developing trends related to staff, promoting communication among the SBHE, the NDUS Chancellor and staff employees of the System's Institutions.

PresidentWendy McCrory231-70935/2015
President ElectGennifer Sprecher231-99075/2015
Past PresidentKelly Bisek231-77105/2015
SecretaryLaura Dallmann231-76075/2015
TreasurerChristina (Tina) Exner231-76785/2016
Membership/AttendanceDiane Harrison231-62525/2016
Communications/Public RelationsAngela Bachman231-71505/2016
Information TechnologyVince Anderson231-86275/2016
Member-at-largeTammy Helweg231-75585/2015
Member-at-largeJeri Vaudrin231-97065/2015
Member-at-largeWendy Gibson231-88855/2015
Ex OfficioColette Erickson231-8958N/A

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Ben Bernard231-5784
Laura Dallmann231-7607

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ChairKelly Bisek231-7701
Membership OfficerDiane Harrison231-6252
Wendy Gibson231-8885
Chad Lindberg701-936-0521
Tyler Perkins231-3234
Dale Summers231-8631

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Brandon Marback, Chair231-5671
Jeri Vaudrin231-9706
Diane Axness231-9407
Jeff Gimbel231-6730

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ChairAngela Bachman231-7150
Cathy Giddings231-8591
Holly Halvorson231-9218
Diane Harrison231-6252
Tammy Helweg231-7558
Penny Hoesel231-7310
Jeri Little231-7512
Cindy Selstedt231-8652

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Chair Vince Anderson231-8627 
Matthew Chaussee231-9764
Jeff Gimbel231-6730
Glenn Christensen701-232-1674 
Carin Engler231-8024
Daniel Erichsen231-5136
Francis Oakgrove231-1029

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Viet Doan231-5143
Jeanne Erickson, Co-Chair231-8592
Carly Gunnerson231-8470
Kelly Haugen231-7789
Loretta Herbel231-7656
Nancy Hillen231-7711
Ronda Klubben231-7487
Niki Lynnes231-8881
Gennifer Sprecher, Co-Chair231-9907
Kristen Weber231-6232

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1000/3000 BandKelly Bisek2016231-7710
1000/3000 BandAnna Sheppard2016231-7312
4000 BandVacant
5000 BandMolly Rinehardt2015231-7474
5000 BandAnn Marschke2015231-8241
6000/7000 BandJoseph Johnson2016231-8122
At-LargeJeri Vaudrin2016231-9706
At-LargeTina Exner2016231-7678

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CAMPUS RELATIONS (formerly Valentine's Ball)
Jaclyn Curtis231-7557
Shelly Lura, Chair231-5677
Wendy McCrory231-7093
Mandy Ohman-Zastre231-5209

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Lynn Ehlen231-8366
Tina Exner231-7678
Trent Gilbery231-7640
Patty Lloyd231-5862
Donna Theusch231-5788
Amanda Voigt231-5557

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Gennifer Sprecher (2017)231-9907
Kelly Bisek (2015)231-7710
Wendy McCrory (2016)231-7093

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Lindberg, Chad


Donna Theusch231-5788
Benjamin Bernard231-5784

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Brandon Marback231-7761

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Ronda Klubben231-7487
Joseph Johnson231-9525

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ND Council of State Employees - COSE
Penny Hoesel231-7310Term ends Dec 2016
Laura Dallmann231-7607Term ends Dec 2014
Viet Doan231-5143Term ends Dec 2017

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Viet Doan231-51432015
Daniel Erichsen231-51362016
Kelly Bisek231-77102017

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FORWARD Representative

Anna Sheppard231-7312

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