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NDSU Staff Recognition Awards

Individual Staff Recognition Awards are presented annually to the broadbanded staff at North Dakota State University.  Up to ten awards may be distributed according to the percentages in each of the five NDSU categories: Administrative/Professional, Technical/Paraprofessional, Office Support, Crafts/Trades, and Services. Each recipient will receive a cash award of $250. 

The Team Recognition Award recognizes a group of individuals who have contributed to the accomplishment of a major change or benefit to the University community.  A team may be made up of any combination of broadbanded and non-broadbanded staff with a minimum of 2 and maximum of 10 members. The team needs to have a connection to NDSU and only broadbanded team members employed at NDSU will receive the award.   Teams can be a part of a larger scope, such as NDUS.  The accomplishment needs to be NDSU related.  The team will receive a cash award of $600 to be divided equally between members (maximum of $250 per individual).

The 2014-2015 award recipients will be recognized at the annual Staff Recognition Social April 6, 2015.

The following criteria should be considered as a guide for making nominations for either the Individual or Team Recognition Award.

  • Any broadbanded staff member: who is half-time (50%) or more.
  • Outstanding achievement on the job: actions that constitute performance beyond expectation standards.
  • Exceptional contributions towards the effectiveness and efficiency of operations: actions that contribute to the maximum utilization of departmental resources. 
  • Outstanding service to other employees, students, or visitors: actions that are especially helpful or make a good impression on others.
  • Distinguished efforts in staff development/recognition: actions that help provide employees with opportunities to learn and to be rewarded.




  • Please, use the online or printable form(s) below to nominate individuals or teams.
  • Thoroughly complete all sections on the form.
  • Self-nominations can not be accepted.
  • If you are using a printable form please be sure to type or print legibly.
  • The nomination deadline is March 13, 2015. 



Online submission of the Team Nomination Form

Online submission of the Individual Nomination Form

Printable format of the Team Nomination Form

Printable format of the Individual Nomination Form



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