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Doctor of Philosophy

Program Description

The Department of Statistics offers programs leading to a Ph.D. in statistics.  The program is flexible enough to be individually planned around prior experience and in accord with professional goals.

During the first year of the program, students are strongly encouraged to meet with each individual faculty member to discuss possible research topics.  The student should select an advisory and examining committee by the end of the first year.

Admissions Requirements

Ph.D. Program in Statistics (with emphasis in sports statistics):

To be admitted with full status into the Ph.D. program, the applicant must:

  1. Hold a baccalaureate degree from an educational institution of recognized standing.
  2. Have had four courses in Math at the university calculus level or above.
  3. Have had several courses in statistics.
  4. Have had at least one programming language.

Must have at least a 3.0 or equivalent cumulative grade point average (GPA) on all related courses at the baccalaureate level.

Students not holding a master's degree in statistics or a closely related field will not be admitted to the Ph.D. program in statistics (with emphasis in sports statistics).  These students must first apply to the M.S. program in applied statistics and complete the M.S. degree.

Preferably, applications should be submitted to the Graduate School before March 15 of the upcoming academic year.

Official transcripts (transcripts having an appropriate seal or stamp) of all previous undergraduate and graduate records must be received by the Graduate School before the application is complete.  When a transcript is submitted in advance of completion of undergraduate or graduate studies, an updated transcript showing all course credits and grades must be provided prior to initial registration at NDSU.

Three letters of recommendation are generally required before action is taken on any application. 

The TOEFL examination is required of international applicants. 

Financial Assistance

The student must first apply in our program through the Graduate School and be accepted in full or conditional status before he/she is eligible for an assistantship in the Department of Statistics.

Teaching assistantships are available.  To be considered for an assistantship, a completed Graduate School application, official transcripts, and three letters of reference must be submitted to the Graduate School no later than March 15.  International students must also submit a TOEFL score.

Degree Requirements

The program does require 41 credits in course work, 6 credits in an internship, 3 credits in seminars, and 30 credits in research beyond the B.S. degree. 

A student may also enter this program after receiving an M.S. degree in Statistics or closely related field. Previously taken courses will be evaluated to determine their fit into this program.

Requirements for the Ph.D. degree in Statistics (with emphasis in sports statistics)*

All students must:

  1. Complete a set of core courses with a grade of B or better including:  STAT 661, 662, 767, 768, 764, or 774.
  2. Complete 6 additional courses including Stat 650, 651, 663, 664, 671, and 775.
  3. Complete 15 credits of electives in graduate statistics courses (These could include Stat 660, 670, 672, 761, 772, amoung others).
  4. Successfully complete 3 one-credit seminars in sports statistics, Stat 790.
  5. Successfully6 complete an internship with a sports team for two seasons (a student could also work with two different sports teams-one for each season)-Stat 794 (6 credits).
  6. Pass a written comprehensive exam.  This exam consists of two sections over the set of core couses and is given twice per year.  A maximum of two attempts is allowed.
  7. Submit a research proposal in the area of sports statistics and pass an oral exam on the proposal and related topics.
  8. Complete and successfully defend the dissertation in sports statistics. 

*Some of these requirements may be satisfied upon admittance into the program with an already existing M.S. degree in Statistics.

 Click here for the link to the Graduate School application.

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