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Master of Managerial Logistics

Degree Requirements

The Master of Managerial Logistics is an online graduate program and is a non-thesis degree. However, each student must complete a creative component – which will be a transportation and logistical analysis of a chosen county. Case studies may include: (1) comprehensive evaluation of the transportation planning processes, (2) analysis of all intermodal transportation systems, (3) emergency or disaster response case studies or plans, (4) security programs or issues, and (5) recommendations of logistics movements of goods and people throughout the country.

A minimum of 35 credits is required for the Master of Managerial Logistics. All 35 credits must be completed using approved courses numbered from 700-789. The creative component is the capstone experience, culminating all course material, applications, and research skills together in the Case Studies in Logistics course. An overall GPA of 3.0 or higher must be maintained to remain in good academic standing.


Master of Managerial Logistics courses consist of the following:


Course Description


TL 711

Logistics Systems


TL 715

Enterprise Resource Planning


TL 719

Crisis Analysis and Homeland Security


TL 721

International Logistics Management


TL 723

Advanced Supply Chain Planning


TL 725

Technology Advances and Logistics


TL 727

Organizational Change Management


TL 729

Adaptive Planning in Logistics


TL 731

Logistics Decision Analysis


TL 733

Case Studies in Logistics


TL 751

Transportation Systems Security



Sample plan of study (Note: Plan of study can be adjusted if transfer credits are anticipated and accepted.)

Fall 20XX

Spring 20XX

Summer 20XX

TL 711 (4 Credits)  

TL 723 (3 Credits)  

TL 729 (3 Credits)

TL 751 (3 Credits)

TL 719 (3 Credits)

TL 731 (3 Credits)

7 Credits per student      

6 Credits per student    

6 Credits per student

Fall 20XX

Spring 20XX

Summer 20XX

TL 725 (3 Credits)

TL 721 (4 Credits)

TL 727 (3 Credits)

TL 715 (3 Credits)

TL 733 (3 Credits)

3 Credits per student

7 Credits per Student

6 Credits per Student

 *File Plan of Study

Graduate - 35 Credits


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