Biotechnology and Microbiology Club

The main goal of the Biotechnology and Microbiology Club is to explore and emphasize the broad areas of Microbiology and Biotechnology.

“This includes job opportunities, types of jobs in the field, specializations, and meeting with professionals and professors to provide stepping stones to a future career in microbiology or a related biotechnology field,” explains Nicki Cain, the former club president. “BMC is looking for a diverse group of students, whether they are engineers, architects, computer science majors, etc., to explore these areas and also to have fun and provide a helping hand into the Bison\Fargo community.”

BMC currently has about 40 members. Dues are $5 at the start of the semester or upon joining. This helps to provide snacks for every meeting and 2-3 trips to a restaurant during the year that’s paid for by the club.

To become a member you can contact Jessie Arneson

Other Club Facts:

  • meetings are held every other Wednesday at 5pm starting the second week of classes
  • meetings are used to discuss volunteering, activities, and events
  • a Facebook page is under construction
  • current club officers are:
    • Jessie Arneson- President
    • Andy Winter - Vice President
    • Diana Fontaine- Secretary
    • Katie Knutson - Treasurer
    • Sinibaldo Romero- CSO Rep