Hui Zhao

Position: Research Assistant
Program: Food Safety, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Wolf-Hall

Graduate Student Profile


Research Focus:
My project focuses on using Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) to inhibit the accumulation of trichothecenes in barley. Trichothecenes, a group of toxin secondary metabolites produced by fungi that grow on plants, cause a wide range of effects including carcinogenic and immunotoxic effects, which are critical food safety concerns. LAB have been shown to control mold growth, therefore, my objectives are to develop and apply an efficient method to screen LAB strains with the ability to reduce trichothecene accumulation, to develop a culture system to yield a high level of bio-active compounds from the selected LAB strain, to characterize and identify the bio-active compounds, and to validate the development of bioactive compounds during the barley malting process.

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Selected Publications/Notable Achievements: