Julie Kuruc

Position: Research Assistant
Office: Van Es 191
Program: Molecular Pathogenesis, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Wolf-Hall

Graduate Student Profile

B.S. Microbiology, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
M.S. Food Science, Food Microbiology emphasis, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Research Focus:
Food safety; mycotoxins, specifically ochratoxin A and ochratoxigenic fungi in cereal grains

Department and Community Involvement:
American Society for Microbiology (ASM), International Association for Food Protection (IAFP), NDSU Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society, Bagg Bonanza Farm Historic Site

Selected Publications/Notable Achievements:
Kuruc, J. A., Manthey, F., Simsek, S. and C. Wolf-Hall. 2014. Survey of ochratoxin A in freshly harvested durum and hard red spring wheat in the United States, 2011 and 2012. J. Food Prot. In press.

U.S. Patent #2012/0102883 – “System for Producing Sterile Beverages and Containers Using Electrolyzed Water". Inventors: S. Raniwala, A. Ibrahim, J. Kuruc, G. Schimmel, and K. Evans.

U.S. Patent (Pending) – “"Novel Preservation System for Acid Beverages". Inventors: S. Raniwala, J. Kuruc, A. Ibrahim, J. Schuman, and G. Schimmel.

Diez-Gonzalez, F. and J. Kuruc. 2009. Molecular mechanisms of microbial survival in foods. In: L-A. Jaykus, H. H. Wang, and L. S. Schlesinger (eds.), Food-Borne Microbes, Shaping the Host Ecosystem, ASM Press, Washington, DC.