VMS Scholarship Application

The Department of Vet & Microbiological Sciences is preparing to award scholarships to several deserving students. If you are an undergrad- or grad-student in the College of Ag and consider yourself a member of the microbiology, biotechnology, and/or pre-veterinary programs, then please apply today (or soon)! We will be accepting applications online this year (see below), and the deadline is firm: Saturday, March 1, 2014.

2014 Scholarship Application

In what college extra-curricular activities/organizations have you been active or held office?

In what activities/organizations outside of college have you been active or held office?

What honors have you won in conjunction with these activities?

Have you worked part-time/full-time while attending college? If yes, specify the types of jobs you have had, approximage length of employment, and hours spent per week for each.

List any volunteer activities you participated in during college, including hours/week.

List any additional awards, honors, and scholarships you received in college.

I give permission to North Dakota State University to release my financial and academic information to the VMS Scholarship Selection Committee.