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2012 I.C.E. Recipient - Luke Prather

The Information Technology Division hosted its fourth annual IT Awards recognition March 29, 2012. “The power of recognition in our lives and at work is phenomenal,” said Cathy Hanson, IT Awards committee member and staff development coordinator. ”Recognition can build a stronger workplace environment where people come, stay and are committed to the values and goals of an organization.”

This year, four individuals were nominated for the Innovation Collaboration and Excellence Award and Luke Prather, instructional services consultant is this year’s award recipient.

Adnan Akyuz, Angela Hodgson and Nancy Lilleberg nominated Prather for his leadership and collaboration with NDSU faculty and staff to implement a new student response (“clicker”) system on campus and for his innovative implementation of a “flipped” classroom, which included captured lecture for use outside of the classroom and student clickers for increased interaction in the classroom.

After receiving the award, Prather recognized the efforts of his colleagues. “I’m very appreciative to have received this award,” he said. “However, I have to acknowledge the work of my colleagues within the IT Division and across campus for helping to accomplish the student-focused goals of these two projects. Everything we do in IT is truly about collaboration.

Also nominated for the 2012 I.C.E. Award:

  • Lincoln Bathie, desktop support manager, for his efforts to help Student Support Services, the Center for Writers and Academic Collegiate Enhancement adopt TutorTrac, a program that makes scheduling and tracking student services easier. Bathie also was recognized for going the extra mile to find solutions. Aida MartinezFreeman, Enrico Sass and Kelli Layman nominated Bathie.
  • Nancy Lilleberg, instructional services manager, was nominated for her work on the Web Design Program Steering Committee to envision and help set the direction for a new media and web design major. She was nominated by Ross Collins.
  • Jill Peterson, database applications developer, was nominated for her work in developing a template for NDSU’s content management system that would allow NDSU to make every CMS page mobile. She received a joint nomination from Galen Mayfield and Laura McDaniel.

2011 I.C.E. Recipient - Tim Mooney

On March 31, 2011, the Information Technology Division held its third annual awards recognition event. Vice President Bonnie Neas, in her opening comments said, “in the first year, the process was internal with recognition coming from our peers. In the second year, we broadened participation by inviting not only our peers but those we serve to become involved in the process. This is our third year, we broadened the program once more by announcing an IT Team Award and this year’s nominees prove that this move was the right thing to do.” 

Five nominees were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the division with Tim Mooney being chosen at this year’s I.C.E. Award recipient.  

Tim Mooney was nominated by Galen Mayfield and the following is summary of Galen’s comments. “Under extreme time constraints, Tim Mooney demonstrated his technical excellence, professionalism, and innovation by designing a process and writing code that allowed the IT Division to schedule and execute the migration of approximately 2,000 NDSU faculty and staff from IMAP e-mail to BPOS. This was no easy feat, as the challenge was how to effectively turn what had been a process requiring a huge amount of planning and off-hours work (the GroupWise migration, for example) into a maintenance task that can be kicked off nightly and finished up every morning with the minimum amount of work on the part of staff. Tim's work not only sped the progress of the BPOS project, it also allowed other projects in the IT division to proceed as planned. Tim worked with staff from EAD, the IT Help Desk, and Desktop Support to expand the functionality of the process to help them do their jobs more effectively. He was happy to take suggestions for improvement and refined the process and code as necessary, focusing entirely on making the migration process as trivial as possible. His solution to the migration problem was elegant, thorough, and timely. In summary, Tim's performance on the BPOS migration project, and his performance in general, represent exactly the kind of behavior all employees in the IT division should strive for.”

Also nominated for the 2011 I.C.E. Award:

  • Lincoln Bathie received nominations from Melissa Vosen, Pat Venette and Pam Hommen all from the University Studies Dean’s Office. Each of these individuals was very complimentary of Lincoln’s exceptional customer service. Consistently they spoke of Lincoln’s ability to explain a problem/situation so they could understand the solution. They were impressed with his patience, and willingness to research and answer questions, and his reassuring and positive attitude about the move to Outlook. 
  • Jon Bronken was nominated by A.J. Klein in Registration and Recordsfor his work as the server administrator for the ImageNow. Jon did an excellent job identifying key incompatibility issues and working directly with the vendor to come up with solutions and fixes. With millions of documents now stored electronically, hundreds of NDSU staff now use and depend on ImageNow to quickly find the information they need to do their jobs.
  • Theresa Semmens, nominated by Debra McDonough, Office of the General Counsel, spearheaded the effort to provide universitywide education on the proper protection of social security numbers and set out a strategic plan for compliance of laws and regulations. This effort included putting together a Task Force to address the issue and implementing a plan for a universitywide education initiative, and provided for a software program which would search for SSNs in computer files. 
  • Michael Wolf was nominated by Peter G. Oduor, Geosciences, who wrote. “Customer service is a strong point of Michael’s. Numerous PCs in the department were configured differently and with his knowledge and expertise he has helped the GIS laboratory to trouble-shoot and help us install the Novell Client login. Michael shows professionalism in going out of his way to provide service.”

2010 I.C.E. Recipient - Britt McAlister

Vice President for Information Technology Bonnie Neas presented the second annual IT Division award for Innovation, Collaboration and Excellence to Britt McAlister, of the Enterprise Computing & Infrastructure department, on March 18, 2010.

Britt received the award for working with a variety of customers to develop an efficient financial reporting Web site and report distribution process for NDSU and the University System. This reporting solution has saved NDSU hundreds of staff hours. By tapping into “official” source information, discrepancies in data have been eliminated and reports are more accessible and user-friendly. 

Also nominated for the 2010 I.C.E. Award:

  • Steve Beckermann was nominated for taking a leadership role in working with NDSU Extension Service county offices to support their needs. Steve was creative in helping Extension offices to be able to connect to the Master Gardener program broadcast from NDSU on the state’s Interactive Video Network. 
  • Tammy Cummings was nominated for her support and persistence in working with new faculty and teaching assistance on creating and accessing Blackboard accounts. Among her accomplishments was assisting instructors in transitioning course content to new faculty members when an instructor leaves the university.
  • Blair Johnson was nominated for his enthusiasm, style of communication and trustworthiness. His primary customers in Agricultural Extension noted that he demonstrates customer service excellence to staff at NDSU and across North Dakota.
  • Jim Ross was nominated for his innovative approach to customer service and team leadership during the retirement of the WebDev server in late 2009. Jim worked with colleagues across the campus to ensure a timely response to support the migration of Web pages to the new PubWeb system.
  • Greg Wettstein, who leads the IT Division’s research computing efforts, was nominated for his prompt and effective support to the research community. It was noted that Greg places a high priority on responding immediately, and is often called off-hours to respond to difficult issues; moreover, he invests a great deal of effort into mentoring and coaching staff members.

2009 I.C.E. Recipient - Randy Wald

Vice President for Information Technology Bonnie Neas presented the first annual IT Division award for Innovation, Collaboration and Excellence to Randy Wald of the Information Technology Services Department on May 17, 2009.

Randy received this award for his creativity in producing the “Bb Buzz,” a series of video training episodes for Blackboard users. The video clips are produced bi-weekly to help instructors learn about the basics and new features of Blackboard.

Each clip features Randy and Tammy Cummings, who work together to produce a professional quality product.

“Great care goes into each Bb Buzz, including research, writing the script, recording the screen shots, synchronizing the audio with the video, and publishing the product in a usable format. The short and to-the-point format is perfect for our busy faculty who need to know things quickly and just in time for when they need it,” said Nancy Lilleberg, IT instructional services manager, who nominated Randy. 

Also nominated for the 2009 I.C.E. Award:

  • Jill Anderson, was nominated for her discovery of a new critical vulnerability on the TYPO3 Content Management System and collaborating with multiple NDSU engineers, the Chief IT Security Officer, law enforcement, IT management, and the TYPO3 user community to quickly identify and fix the problem.
  • Britt McAlister was nominated for introducing several creative IT solutions, including a new Web development portal, a new search architecture for NDSU’s Web site, and a planning tool called “scenarios” that helps clients more clearly describe what they want from custom-developed applications.

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