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Division of Student Affairs Learning Agenda 

The NDSU Student Affairs Learning Agenda is comprised of six principles intended to educate students in all settings to:


Provide opportunities to explore and develop leadership skills which prepare students to be effective leaders in a changing world.


Embrace the value of ensuring that other people's needs are served.  By working to meet the needs of others, individuals develop meaningful associations and create positive social change.

Negotiate and Resolve Conflict

Learn to resolve conflict through understanding differences, value systems and lifestyles.  Open communication helps foster tolerance and appreciation of diverse perspectives.

Execute Tasks to Completion

Utilize skills and knowledge to complete projects and tasks.  Students are empowered to plan, implement and assess programs and services for the student body.

Function Collaboratively

Learn to work for a common purpose as an individual and as a team, and to understand the process of how a complex organization or institution functions.

Participate as Committed Citizens of the Community

Recognize what it means to be an active, responsible citizen of the university and the greater community.  Community is defined as "Where members are aware that their individual decisions affect others.  A place where members are not indifferent toward one another." (Keeling, 1998) 

Based on research by Pam Boersig and Carney Strange, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio –1995; implemented 1997; revised 2007

Higher education plays a vital role in educating future leaders.  Research documents that students develop leadership skills when actively engaged in the educational community.


The division adds to the student experience at NDSU by offering students opportunities to learn skills imperative for success after graduation.  The skills I learned, such as leadership, service and working with a diverse group of people have proved invaluable in my jobs since graduation. 

Melissa, 2006-2007 student body vice president.

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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