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Learn How To Do It!

If you're transitioning your Web site from the WebDev server to the new PubWeb server at NDSU this information can help!

We've created several brief video tutorials to show you the basics you may need to transfer your files from WebDev to PubWeb:

If you are a Contribute user, use the instructions provided for using WinSCP to transfer your files, then contact Lorna Olsen at 231-6328 for assistance changing your site connection in Contribute to the PubWeb server.

Discovering Your Unix ID (UID)

You'll need to know what your UNIX ID is to access your files on both WebDev and PubWeb:

  • Flash Video File  SWF (1:37)
  • Print Version  PDF

Transferring Your Files

Dreamweaver Users

  • Connecting Dreamweaver to the WebDev and PubWeb Servers - create the necessary server connections in Dreamweaver before transferring your files:
    • Flash Video File SWF (4:05)
    • Print Version PDF
  • Using Dreamweaver to Transfer Your Files
    • Flash Video File SWF (3:19)
    • Print Version PDF

Non-Dreamweaver Users

  • Download and Install WinSCP - A Free, Secure FTP tool for file easy transfers:
    • Flash Video File  SWF (3:53)
    • Print Version  PDF
  • Calculating the Total File Size of Your Site Using WinSCP:
    Quotas are enforced on the PubWeb server - make sure you have enough space for your site!
    • Flash Video File SWF (2:34)
    • Print Version PDF
  • Using WinSCP to Transfer Your Files:
    • Part 1 - Flash Video File SWF (3:44)
    • Part 2 - Flash Video File SWF (3:01)
    • Print Version PDF

More Information:

What's my new URL?

  • If you requested a Basic PubWeb site:
  • If you requested an Enhanced PubWeb site without a redirect in place:
  • If you requested an Enhanced PubWeb site with a redirect in place:
    • The URL will be the same as the previous URL

What's a "redirect"?

Redirect: When we make changes to the server so that visitors to the old location (URL) will be sent automatically to the new, correct location on PubWeb.


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