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Greek Point System 

The Greek Points System is a competition to award the most successful NDSU Fraternity/Sorority Organization in all aspects of Intramural Sports including participation, sportsmanship, and success in competition. Teams are awarded points based on regular season wins and sportsmanship as well as playoff performance. Teams must adhere to following guidelines to be eligible to accumulate points:

All fraternity/sorority are eligible to earn points in the following sports:  Flag Football, Basketball, Volleyball, and Softball.  Also in the following special events: Climbing Competitions, Kickball Tournament, Blood Drive, and Basketball Skills Challenge.

There will be time slots set aside for each sport.

All teams will earn Participation Points simply for registering for each sport, although, teams must adhere to the following to earn those points at the conclusion of the season

1.  Teams must maintain an average Sportsmanship Rating of 2 or higher (this includes playoffs).

2.  Two forfeits in any sport’s season will result in the forfeiture of those Participation Points.

Note: Any game ended prior to its timed conclusion due to fighting or excessive unsportsmanlike behavior will result in complete forfeiture of a team’s participation points in addition to any other point deductions as listed below.

Defaulted Games:  There will be no deduction of points for teams who follow the guidelines that would constitute a defaulted game.


3.  Failure of representation to attend any Captain’s Meeting will result in a deduction of overall Participation Points listed below.

The Point System will be as follows:

Playoff Competition Points

20 Points                              Overall Playoff Champion
10 PointsEach Playoff Win (includes any team receiving a bye)
5 PointsOverall Playoff Runner-up
Additional Awarding of Points

20 PointsHighest Overall Sportsmanship Rating (per sport), if teams are tied,
multiple teams will receive points

10 PointsFor attendance of each special event (team or individual)
20 PointsSpecial Event 1st Place
10 PointsSpecial Event 2nd Place
5 PointsSpecial Event 3rd Place
Point Deductions

- 50 PointsForfeiture of Participation Points: 2 or more forfeits per sport,
below 2 sportsmanship rating (regular season & playoffs combined,)
any game ended early due to poor sportsmanship or behavior,
including fighting (individual or otherwise)
- 25 PointsFighting (individual or otherwise); this is in addition to a team's
forfeiture of Participation Points (deduction of points for ejection is included)
- 15 PointsAny ejected player from competition
- 10 PointsAny Forfeit (includes use of illegal players which in turn would result in a forfeit)
- 10 PointsFailure of representative in attendance at Captain's Meeting(s) -
deducted from Participation Points

**Note:  Any team removed permanently from league play due to conduct related issues will forfeit all points accumulated within that sport; this decision will be made by the Intramural Coordinator.

*In the event of a time in the overall point’s structure the winning team will be determined by the following and in the following order in the event of subsequent ties:

                1. Overall Average of Sportsmanship Rating in all events combined

                2. Total number of wins in all sports combined (not including playoffs)

                3.  Total number of championships won

Kappa PsiKappa Psi
Alpha Gamma Delta           Theta Chi
Kappa Alpha ThetaTau Kappa Epsilon
Kappa DeltaSigma Phi Delta
Sigma Nu
Sigma Chi
Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Delta Upsilon
Delta Tau Delta
Alpha Tau Omega
Alpha Gamma Rho



Greek Point Standings

Spring Semester, 2014
Fall Semester
FraternitiesSpring 1st SessionSpring 2nd SessionSpring 3rd SessionEvent 2Event 3Total
Men's DodgeballMen's BasketballMen's
Basketball Skills ChallengeRocky Balboulder
Alpha Gamma Rho80---
Alpha Tau Omega----
Delta Upsilon----
Delta Tau Delta---- 
Kappa Psi----
Sigma Alpha Epsilon-40---
Sigma Chi----
Sigma Nu---
Sigma Phi Delta--80--
Theta Chi----
Tau Kappa Epsilon-55-- 
SororitiesSpring 1st SessionSpring 2nd SessionEvent 2 Event 3

Women's VolleyballWomen's BasketballBasketball
Skills Challenge
Rocky Balboulder
Kappa Psi50---
Alpha Gamma Delta----
Kappa Alpha Theta----
Kappa Delta----


Fall Semester, 2013
Fall Semester
FraternitiesFall 1st SessionFall 2nd SessionFall Event 1Fall Event 2Fall Event 3Total
Men's FootballMen's BasketballKickballFall CrawlBlood Drive
Alpha Gamma Rho7050-200
Alpha Tau Omega50--50
Delta Upsilon-----
Delta Tau Delta-1050---  40
Farmhouse-65-- -65
Kappa Psi-----
Sigma Alpha Epsilon40----
Sigma Chi5560-115
Sigma Nu45--45
Sigma Phi Delta-----
Theta Chi-----
Tau Kappa Epsilon-10---- -10
SororitiesFall 1st SessionFall 2nd SessionFall Event 1Fall Event 2Fall Event 3

Women's VolleyballWomen's BasketballKickballFall Crawl Blood Drive
Kappa Psi70----120
Alpha Gamma Delta-----
Kappa Alpha Theta-----
Kappa Delta-----



Regular Season Points             

Special Event Points
301st Place10    For attendance in special events
252nd Place20Special Event 1st Place
153rd Place10Special Event 2nd Place
104th Place5Special Event 3rd Place
55th Place
5Regular Season Win
Participation Points            50Point Deductions

Awarded at the end of each individual sports'          
season - Average Sportsmanship.
Rating of 2 or above and no more than
1 forfeit within that sport.

-502 or more forfeits per sport
-15Player Ejected
-10Any Forfeit
Playoff Competition Points-10Did not attend Captain's Meetings
20Overall Playoff ChampAdditional Awarding of Points
10Each Playoff Win20Highest overall Sportsmanship
5 Overall Runner-up

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