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The Compass Program Foundation Brown Bag Seminars and events are located in the NDSU Memorial Union. Presentations are FREE and open to the public. For more information, call 701-231-5225.

Spring 2014

Tuesday, January 21
12:00-1:00 MU Hidatsa
Celebration of the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Join us for selected readings from Dr. King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail, along with guests sharing music, poetry and spoken word performance.
             Co-sponsored by Office of Multicultural Programs

Thursday, January 23
12:00-1:00 MU Room of Nations
Dakota Roads of life and living out our Journey of Spirituality

Dr. Clifford Canku, Assistant Professor, English Department
Students will be asked to identify choices based on four colored roads of life which may eventually determine their eventual progress and spiritual evolution in this life and the world to come. The roads of life choices are Red, White, Blue, and black Roads.  Life choices determine our destiny and it’s never too late to make choices and changes that eventually reveal where we will arrive.                       
         Co-sponsored by the Division of Equity, Diversity & Global Outreach

Wednesday, January 29
12:00-1:00 MU Arikara
Does Work Environment Affect Faculty Health Scores?

Rhonda Magel, professor and chair in the Department of Statistics, will discuss her research investigating any relationship of health with work climate and other environmental factor for faculty in higher education. She will discuss gendered effects and whether or not any relationships among these factors differ between STEM and Non-Stem faculty.
           Co-sponsored by Women and Gender Studies

Wednesday, February 5
12:00-1:00 MU Arikara
Your Voice Counts:  Assessing NDSU’s Climate for Diversity

Presenters:Dr. Pamela Emanuelson, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Dr. Wendy Troop Gordon, Department of Psychology, Kara Gravley-Stack, Division of Equity, Diversity and Global Outreach, Dr. Carrie-Anne Platt, Department of Communication, Dr. Chris Ray, Education Doctoral Programs
On February 12, NDSU will launch a third comprehensive Campus Climate Survey for Diversity to assess the degree to which the campus is a welcoming, safe, and inclusive environment for all community members.  Representatives from the internal assessment team will discuss the survey, including the history of campus climate assessment at NDSU, the goals for this assessment, and the timeline for disseminating survey results to campus stakeholders.
            Division of Equity, Diversity & Global Outreach

Thursday, February 6
12:00-1:00 MU Hidatsa
FM Area Homelessness: Increasing Numbers and Creative Solutions
Since 2000, the number of homeless in the metro area has increased dramatically. Why is this occurring, and what are we as a community doing to address this increase?  This interactive panel discussion will include local and state leaders working to address this issue.  Panel members include Jan Eliassen, Director of the Gladys Ray Shelter & Veterans Drop In Center, Michael Carbone, Executive Director of the ND Coalition for Homeless People, Lynn Fundingsland, Executive Director at the Fargo Housing and Redevelopment Authority and Laurie Baker, Executive Director of the FM Coalition for Homeless Persons.  Come with questions and ideas!
           Co-sponsored by the Memorial Union

Wednesday, February 12
12:00-1:00 MU Arikara
What Not to Wear: Professional Dress Edition

Jill Wilkey, NDSU Career Center Director and Sarah Hunter, Career Specialist
Have you ever taken a minute to stop and think, “What does my look say about me?” Time and time again the Career Center staff is amazed at what people wear to interviews and career fairs thinking they are dressed 'professionally'.  After many failed, but valiant attempts by well-intentioned individuals, Jill and Sarah have decided it’s time for a “What Not to Wear: Professional Dress Intervention.” Join them for a presentation of the tips and tricks hints and hinders, and dos and don’ts of dressing like a professional for any gender and at any budget.
        Co-sponsored by the NDSU Career Center

Monday, February 24
12:00-1:00 MU Hidatsa
UnPretty: The journey from childhood diets to adult lifestyle changes in a quest for the unattainable ideals of western beauty

Amber Buck, Director, Dinan Hall
        Co-sponsored by Equity and Diversity Center and Women and Gender Studies for Women’s Wee

Tuesday, February 25
11:30-12:30 MU Meadow Lark
LIVE REAL Mentor Basic Session

Participants will learn about the effects of high risk alcohol and drug use and how to take steps to promote an environment of safe and responsible attitudes toward alcohol at NDSU.  This session is an introduction to the LIVE REAL Mentor Program.
         Co-sponsored by the President’s Council on Alcohol and Other Drug

Tuesday, February 25
12:30-1:30 MU Hidatsa
“Keys and Locks”: Sexual double standards in NDSU’s hookup culture

Carrie Anne Platt, Assistant Professor of Communication with research team: Erin Ahneman, Dawn Berry, Kayley Erlandson, Jillene Krause and Katie Ralston
Members of the team will discuss how NDSU students understand and negotiate sexual double standards when it comes to casual sexual encounter (hookups). They will focus on how these understandings influence both sexual behaviors and students’ willingness to talk about hookups with others (disclosure).
       Co-sponsored by Equity and Diversity Center and Women and Gender Studies for Women’s Week

Tuesday, February 25
6:30-8:00pm Beckwith Recital Hall, NDSU Reineke Fine Arts Center
Ain’t I a Woman!
Performed by one actress accompanied by a pianist, this production of vignettes celebrates the life and times of four powerful African American women: renowned novelist and anthropologist Zora Neale-Hurston, ex-slave and fiery abolitionist Sojourner Truth, exuberant folk artist Clementine Hunter, and fervent civil rights worker Fannie Lou Hamer.
           Co-sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Programs and Campus Attractions Issues & Ideas

Wednesday, February 26
12:00-1:00 MU Prairie
Bridging Societies’ Gaps - Learning How to Tap Into the Universal Language of Our Inner Identity for Creative Growth

Stevie Famulari, Architecture & Landscape Architecture and Saree Reveling, Freedom Coach
In this presentation and roundtable discussion, participants will be provided with documentation on a universal inner understanding that we can discuss with language, outlining each of the personal forces and the gifts and challenges of each.  We will discuss varying ways of connecting with these powers and in doing so, creating a “mega-mind” on a small scale.
          Co-sponsored by Equity and Diversity Center and Women and Gender Studies for Women’s Week

Thursday, February 27
12:00-1:00 MU Hidatsa
THIS Obedience: A Film and Discussion of the Intersection of Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Religion
Dr. Christi McGeorge, Human Development and Family Science
This session will involve viewing and discussing the documentary THIS Obedience, which explores the struggle for acceptance experienced by a lesbian Pastor.  Information about efforts within religious communities to create greater acceptance of LGBT individuals, couples, and families will be discussed as well as recent policy changes that major religious denominations in the United States have adopted. 
           Co-sponsored by Equity and Diversity Center and Women and Gender Studies for Women’s Week

Friday, February 28
12:00-1:00 MU Hidatsa
Preservation Pioneers: Pivotal women who set the precedence for preserving our history, heritage, and culture through the last 150 years

Heather L. Fischer, Architecture and Landscape ArchitectureThe presentation will focus on women who paved the path of historic preservation in America.
      Co-sponsored by Equity and Diversity Center and Women and Gender Studies for Women’s Week

Tuesday, March 4
12:00-1:00 MU Century Theatre
Show Me the Money with Angel Investing

James Burgum, Arthur Ventures, LLC
Capital is vital to any start-up and knowing how and where to access smart money is critical to success. James will cover how to find the right investor such as an angel investor; what angels look for in an investment; and what angels consider when investing in a startup. Learn firsthand from experience investors and discover what it takes to quickly raise the capital you need to grow and build your start-up.
      Co-sponsored by NDSU Research and Technology Park

Wednesday, March 5
12:00-1:00 MU Arikara
The S’s of Spring Break…Sex, Sun, Strangers and Shots

Anne Bodensteiner, Student Health Services, Sarah Dodd, Sexual Assault Prevention Programs, Erika Beseler-Thompson, Alcohol and Other Drug prevention Program, and University Police and Safety Office
Spring Break can be a fun and exciting getaway but not all vacations have happy endings.  Find out how to keep yourself safe while having a good time on your break!

Thursday, March 6
Time (TBD) MU Great Plains Ballroom
Innovation Week Awards Ceremony

Andre’ Taylor, Keynote Speaker
For more than 30 years Andre’ Taylor has helped individuals and organizations lead and win. He’s an accomplished business leader with diverse experience including executive positions on Wall Street, leading the marketing activities of multi-national organizations, and building successful entrepreneurial companies. Andre’s approach combines a focus on three fundamentals: creating and strengthening leadership thinking, developing and building the habits of success, and clarity in a changing global landscape.  
        Co-sponsored by NDSU Research and Technology Park

Contact for the time of the awards ceremony

Tuesday, March 11
12:00-1:00 MU Century Theatre
Mars Up Close and Personal:  Heidi Manning and the Mars Rover
Concordia Professor of Physics Dr. Heidi Manning will highlight her work on the latest Mars rover project “Curiosity”.  The mission of Curiosity has been to investigate the habitability of the red planet, and has already made significant discoveries after an incredible August, 2012 landing known commonly as the “seven minutes of terror.”  Dr. Manning will discuss her work in preparing Curiosity for its interplanetary voyage as well as her leadership and involvement in the field of physics.
        Co-sponsored by the Memorial Union

Wednesday, March 26
12:00-1:00 MU Arikara
The New Voter ID Laws in North Dakota

AAUW State Organizer,Amanda Cotylo, will give a presentation examining the new voter ID laws in ND and the impact of the troublesome trends of restrictive voting laws that have been cropping up around the nation.  Additionally, she will be providing an up to the minute status of what identification is now required in ND in order to vote, in particular as how it pertains to college students, many of whom are from out of state.
          Co-sponsored by Women and Gender Studies

Thursday, March 27
11:30-12:30 MU Meadow Lark
LIVE REAL Mentor Marijuana Session

Attendees will learn about the basics of marijuana, use rates at NDSU and nationally, and how to challenge myths and assist those struggling with use.
       Co-sponsored by the President’s Council on Alcohol and Other Drugs

Tuesday, April 1
10:00-11:00am MU Plains
Parade of Nations

Please attend the official kick-off to NDSU’s Global Awareness Month. President Dean L. Bresciani will give opening remarks.  The Parade of Nations features students carrying the flags of their home countries through the Memorial Union.  Cake and coffee will be served following the ceremony.
      Co-sponsored by Office of International Programs

Thursday, April 10
4:30pm NDSU Beckwith Hall
Choose “How,” Not “Why”

Dr. Tim Cordes, a practicing psychiatrist in Wisconsin, shares transformational insights about his journey through medical school as a blind pioneer, student and teacher who focused on “How” to display competencies in a culture that often asks “Why.”  After completing an undergraduate degree in biochemistry, he pursued his dream of becoming a physician while displaying unparalleled ability, and navigating barriers related to attitude, disability and a rigorous learning environment.                               

Co-sponsored by Advance FORWARD, Biological Sciences, Disability Services, Disability/Accessibility Initiatives Committee, Equity, Diversity and Global Outreach, Human Resources, Office of the Provost and Student Activities

Wednesday, April 16
12:00-1:00 MU Arikara  
Tough Guise 2: Violence, Manhood & American Culture
Jackson Katz’s updated documentary discussing the ongoing epidemic of men’s violence in America and our current structure of what it means to be a man.
        Co-sponsored by Women & Gender Studies

Wednesday, April 30

12:00-1:00 MU Hidatsa
LIVE REAL Mentor Basic Session

This session is an introduction to the LIVE REAL Mentor Program.  Participants will learn about the effects of high risk alcohol and drug use and how to take steps to promote an environment of safe and responsible attitudes toward alcohol at NDSU.
       Co-sponsored by the President’s Council on Alcohol and Other Drug

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