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Health Club Credit Program

The NDSU Wellness Center is a participating member in the NDPERS and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of North Dakota Health Club Credit Program.  Currently, we do NOT participate in the BCBS of MN Health Club Credit program. 

Wellness Center members who enroll in the BCBSND Health Club Credit program are eligible to receive a $20-a-month credit (reimbursement) for membership fees.  Individuals must work out at least 12 days per month to receive their credit. (Only one visit per day will be counted.) A maximum of two (2) people - subscriber and spouse age 18 and older - can participate with a maximum credit of $40 per household.

You MUST complete 3 steps in order to enroll in the BCBSND Health Club Credit program and to receive any BCBSND Wellness incentives. Upon enrolling, be prepared to provide the following:

  • Name, contact information, and date of birth (This must match your BCBSND card information EXACTLY.)
  • University Employee ID number 
  • 2014-2015 BCBSND health plan information from card received after July 2014.
  • Checking or savings account routing and account numbers. These are generally found on the bottom of a check or deposit slip that is used by financial institutions to transfer funds and complete transactions.

Health Club Credit Enrollment Steps

Please note, the process to enroll is not the same for all health/fitness clubs.  

Step #1

Step #1 - Enroll with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of North Dakota at the Healthy Blue Website

 Click on the Healthy Blue Website or copy and paste this URL into your browser. 

  • Click on “NOT REGISTERED?  SIGN UP NOW”, and follow the instructions to set up your account.  
  • Click on “CLICK HERE TO BEGIN YOUR  ANNUAL HEALTH ASSESSMENT”, and complete the Health Assessment.  
  • The health assessment is an annual requirement of BCBSND and all participants will be asked to complete it at the beginning of January each year. Reimbursements will not be paid out if this is not completed.

Step #2

Step #2 - Create your VANCO Account

Click on the NDSU Wellness Center VANCO Services website or copy and paste this URL into your browser.

  • Once you reach the VANCO Services link, click "ENROLL" to enter your personal and bank account information. (The VANCO Services link is not part of NDSU or BCBSND web sites. Credits are handled by VANCO Financial Services. )
  • You can edit your account at any time.  You will need your Wellness Center Membership ID and your Health Plan or Wellness ID to log into your Vanco account.   

  1. Enter your BCBSND ID# (from card received after July 2013)
  2. Enter your NDSU Employee ID#. This must be a 9 digit number:

    • If you are an NDSU staff or faculty member, add 01 after your NDSU Employee ID#
    • If you are the spouse of an NDSU staff or faculty member, add 02 after your ID#. 
    • If you still do not have 9 digits, add a 0 (or 00s) to the beginning of your ID# until you have a total of 9 digits. (Example: if your Employee ID# is 123456 and you are a staff member, your ID# will be: 012345601.) 
    • For Dual or Associate members, this is the ID# on your Wellness Center ID card. 
    • Enter the checking or savings account routing and account numbers from bottom of your check.
    • There is a one-month delay between the month that you log visits and the month when you receive reimbursement. 

Step #3

Step #3 - Return Completed Health Club Credit Notification Form to the Wellness Center Customer Service Desk

  •  Notify us that you wish to participate in the Health Club Credit Program by returning the completed Health Club Credit Program Notification Form to the Wellness Center Customer Service Desk within 2 weeks of starting your membership. 
  • Your account will not be linked for reimbursement unless you turn in the required form.  We are not responsible for visits occurring before all information has been turned in.
  •  If you need further assistance, email the Membership & Communications Coordinator at 


Questions on membership types, fees, or policies? Contact or (701) 231-5213

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