Melissa Wygant

Melissa Wygant is a Master of Science student in the Geography program at University of North Dakota. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography and minor in Studio Art from Gustavus Adolphus College, Minnesota. Her present research is focused on understanding changes in flood risk and vulnerability over time, using Geospatial techniques.


A place vulnerability analysis of flood hazard risk at Grand Forks: 1990-2010

Fellow: Melissa Wygant

Advisor: Paul Todhunter, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Geography, University of North Dakota.

Degree Progress: M.S. in Geography expected graduation in spring 2014.


Project Objectives:


The applicant is in her second semester of graduate research currently working on gathering census tract data and floodplain maps to assess changes in flood risk and vulnerability.

Anticipated results and benefits:

It is anticipated that the place vulnerability maps will show a reduction in flood risk over time due to the implementation of the dike system, and other various mitigation strategies, but reveal that substantial residual risk is still present within Grand Forks. This should be helpful to city leaders in Grand Forks and other North Dakota communities who are responsible for building more flood-resilient communities.

Paul E. Todhunter, Ph.D.


Paul E. Todhunter, Ph.D.
Department of Geography
O'Kelly-Ireland Hall Room 161
University of North Dakota
221 Centennial Drive Stop 9020
Grand Forks, ND 58202-9020