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Can I go to North Dakota 4-H Camp?
Who else goes to camp? 
What kind of things do you do at camp? 
What are the counselors like? 
Was the food good?

Great questions! Let's listen to what past campers say about what it's like to go to North Dakota 4-H Camp:

Can I go to North Dakota 4-H Camp?

Yes, all youth between the ages of 5 and 18 can attend. It's NOT just for 4-H members. Some camps have different age requirements so you'll want to check out the camp description page for more info.

Who else goes to camp?

"I made lots of friends at camp!"
"What did I like most about camp? All the friends I met and all the fun I had."

Youth from across North Dakota attend North Dakota 4-H Camp. Some campers come from Montana, South Dakota, even Washington state! There were over 400 campers that attended last year, that's 40-50 at the camp each week!

What kind of things do you do at camp and what did you like most?

"Dancing and mud pit."

Each camp has a different focus like horses, leadership or survivor camp. But they all include campfires, a dance, Dutch oven cooking, canteen, free-time games, water slide, and the "mud pit".

What were the counselors like?   Was the food good?
"The counselors were fun, cool, and nice." "The food was great - I loved the lasagna!" 
"The were really nice to us.""Good variety & delicious."
"Staff was awesome - they were soooo fun!""The caramel rolls were delicious."
"The best food at camp I ever tasted."

So, what are you waiting for?
Grab a parent and check out the Camp Description page
to register for a camp today!!


**Campers comment from 2008 ND 4-H Camp 2008 Report Summary, survey section.**

"North Dakota 4-H Camp ROCKS!!
"I had lots of fun at camp."
"The camp was awesome, cool and fun, and I want to go to it next year."

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