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Agriculture Trunks

  • Healthy Soils
    Healthy soil is productive soil. This kit contains lesson plans and supplies to conduct activities on soil water movement, rainfall simulation, water holding capacity, soil structure, and soil aggregate stability. The trunk includes items like graduated cylinders, funnels, brushes, and sieves. The user must provide soil and some of the larger catch containers.

Animal & Plant Science Trunks

  • Beef Learning Laboratory
    This resource contains masters of the learning laboratory kit contents-situation/task statements, charts and diagrams, identification tags, and instructions.
  • Dairy Learning Laboratory
    This resource contains a curriculum guide with Critical Points of Quality Assurance and Animal Care video, charts and diagrams, identification tags, planning calendar and much more!
  • Dog Learning Laboratory
    Educators Resource Materials set, this resource contains masters of the learning laboratory kit contents- situation/task statements, charts and diagrams, identification tags, and instructions.
  • Goat Learning Laboratory
    This resource contains a curriculum guide with Critical Points of Quality Assurance and Animal Care video, hoof trimming poster, digestive track poster and much more!
  • Hippology
    Hippology is the study of horses. By using this trunk, 4-H can study and learn about horses without owning a horse. This trunk covers all aspects of horses and prepares youth for the 4-H Hippology contest by providing stations, tests and team problems for study purposes.
  • Horse Learning Laboratory
    This kit contains: animal skeleton structure poster, feed and seed samples, injection sites poster, ground handling horses safely video and much more!
  • Plant Identification Learning Laboratory
    Its purpose is to introduce students to the basic concepts and terminology used in the identification of deciduous trees and shrubs.
  • Poultry Learning Laboratory
    This kit contains: Bird medication product label and insert posters, bird comb identification poster, egg quality image color cards and much more!
  • Sheep Learning Laboratory
    This kit contains: Animal part identification poster, wholesale meat cut poster, disease matching cards and much more!
  • Swine Learning Laboratory
    This kit contains: educators curriculum guide, animal skeleton structure poster, ear notches, color loin prints, meat science CD-Rom, and much more!

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Energy Trunks

Energy makes change – it produces a change of some kind; it does things for us. Scientists define energy as the ability to do work. Energy is found in many different forms, such as light, heat, sound, and motion. Each specific trunk focuses on a particular form of energy.

  • Chemical Energy – Most of the energy we use today is in the form of chemical energy. Chemical energy is energy stored in the bonds of atoms and molecules. Activities in the trunk include exploration of fossil fuels, atomic structure, and chemical reactions. This trunk includes guides that have detailed instructions for activities and demonstrations. Most equipment needed to conduct hands-on activities is included.
  • Energy of Motion – Look around you. Many things are moving. They are in motion. All motion takes energy. Nothing can move without energy. Energy of motion includes activities to discover how wind and hydro (water) energy can be harnessed to do work. This trunk includes guides that have detailed instructions with demonstrations, student instruction and necessary equipment to conduct the experiments.
  • Heat and Heating – We use heat, called thermal energy, every day. We can’t see heat, but we can feel it. Our bodies make heat and our stoves and lights do too. The trunk includes lessons that explore conduction, convection and chemical reactions that produce endothermic or exothermic reactions. This trunk includes guides that have detailed instructions for activities and demonstrations. Most equipment needed to conduct hands-on activities is included.
  • Light and Lighting – We use light every day. We use it to see things. Without light, our lives would be very different. We use light energy for more than seeing. The lessons in this trunk explore light refraction, reflection and absorption. Participants learn how to measure heat with a thermometer. This trunk will explore solar (sun) energy.  The trunk includes guides that have detailed instructions for activities and demonstrations. Most equipment needed to conduct hands-on activities is included.
  • Science of Energy (for age levels 9-18)
    This trunk includes instructions for hands-on experiments that youth can use to teach themselves and others about forms of energy and energy transformation. This trunk includes a teacher's guide for grades 4-8 and another for grades 9-12, plus most supplies to conduct the experiments. The teacher's guides also include correlations to national science content standards.

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Creative Arts Trunks

  • Leathercraft
    This trunk includes stamps and other advanced tools to do leather crafting.
  • Design Decisions
    This trunk provides activities and supplies for each of the four divisions in the Design Decisions project. 4-Hers will have fun with many hands-on activities.
  • Quilting for Fun
    Includes five sewing machines, basic sewing supplies and lesson materials needed to complete a beginner quilt for approximately 5 participants.
  • Scrapbooking
    This trunk is designed to encourage youth to record and preserve their memories and/or heritage using photographs, journaling, memorabilia, and embellishments.

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Money Management Trunks

  • Reading Makes Cents (Grades 3-5)
    A collection of 53 experiential activities developed around exemplary children's literature that has money as a theme. Features hands-on, exploratory activities. Take-home activities are are included in English and Spanish.

Nutrition & Wellness Trunks

  • Eat Smart! Play Hard!
    Are you looking for something to help your 4-H club be recognized as a Healthy 4-H Club?  Are you looking for fun nutrition and physical activity ideas to incorporate into your club meetings and/or county activities? Check out the Eat Smart! Play Hard! 4-H trunk. The trunk is filled with games and equipment to emphasize healthy eating and physical activity.  Items include a Glo-germ kit, 12-foot parachute, MyPlate Food Bingo, MyPlate activity mat, Dairy Council food models and more. The resource binder includes additional ideas and snack recipes.
  • Food, Culture, and Reading
    The Food, Culture and Reading 4-H Educational trunk has resources for you to use this project at 4-H club meetings, after-school activities and/or day camps. The trunk contains the recommended books for each unit, laminated Nutrition Facts cards for the activities, laminated cards for the Play Milk Group Challenge Game, Dairy Council cardboard food models, chopsticks, equipment for a few of the physical activities and the Food and Culture Bingo. A binder with activities and additional resources including a world map is also included.
  • Food Preservation
    This trunk includes a binder with current Extension food preservation publications and equipment, including a pressure canner, water bath canner, stock pot, funnel, jar lifter and other canning equipment.  The trunk also includes items to “show” but not use:  freezer bags, freezer paper, foil, containers, pectin, incorrect canning/freezing containers, etc. All of these items must be returned with a completed inventory/usage form. 

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Outdoor Education Trunks

  • Bird Study (The Bird Watching Trunk has been combined with the Bird Study Trunk)
    This kit includes binoculars, field ID books, an electronic bird song identifier, replica bird eggs and other resources to get youth and adults started in bird watching. Also included in the kit is the "Bird Watching in North Dakota" guide developed by Floramay Miller and Dean Aakre.
  • Camouflage Box
    Camouflage has been used since the beginning of human civilization.  This trunk explains the many ways it is used today from hunting to military to fashion. Activities are separated into four sections; Introduction to camouflage, Thicket activity, Newspaper activity, and Hidden in plain sight activity. The kit contains 15 pieces of camouflage material, 10 plastic animals, and an instruction book.
  • Deer Aging
    This trunk is designed to help 4-H members learn how to age deer by using visual and jaws key identification points in a club. Activities will teach: live deer age evaluation, teeth wear to age harvested deer and much more hands on activities.
  • Dutch Oven Cooking
    Contains cast iron Dutch ovens, instructions and recipes.
  • In-line Spinners
    This trunk is designed around the sport fishing curriculum helper's guide. Activities are designed to teach youth and adults about fish habits and preferences based on bait presentation methods. Trunk contains materials to create in-line mepps type spinners. 
  • Maple Sugar Candy Making
    Contains pans, molds and recipe for maple sugar.
  • Outdoor Cooking
    Contains pots and pans, propane burners, measuring equipment and recipes.
  • Raptors (Hawks and Owls)
    Explore the life of raptors by dissecting bowl pellets and identifying the remains of prey animals in owlbs diet. Includes replica parts and resource books.
  • Under Water World (Macro invertebrate)
    Trunks include materials and supplies to teach youth and adult about aquatic macro invertebrates. (Kit requires access to a water pond).
  • Upland Game Bird Identification
    Trunk contains lessons plans, upland game bird wings and quiz sheet, upland game bird identification resources, educational resources emphasizing fun and learning and discussion questions. 
  • Whistling Dakota Style
    Wood forms and instructions for making your own wooden whistles.  
  • Wildlife Call 

    • Predator Calling- includes a number of calls for calling predators along with written and taped instructions on how to use the calls and short written instructions on when and where to do predator calling.
    • Big Game Animals this section includes a number of calls used in calling big game animals along with when and where to call.
    • Turkey Calling this part includes a number of different types of turkey calls along with written and taped instructions on how and when to use the calls.
    • History of Animal Calls a short written session on who, when and why we used calls during hunting.

  • Wildlife Tracks
    This kit contains rubber tracks, and rubber scat (feces) for common North Dakota animals such as beaver skunk, bobcat, coyote, raccoon, mink, muskrat, and deer. There are other materials included in the box such as wildlife ID books and lesson plans.

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Science & Technology Trunks

  • Advanced Engine
    The advanced engine trunk is equipped with an 11 HP Briggs and Stratton engine.  The kit comes complete with extra carburetors, blocks, tools, repair manual, student workbook, and DVD instruction.  The kit is able to be used to for other small engines.  It comes in two Stanley tool chests with wheels and requires a pick up or van to carry.  
  • Astronomy
    Trunk includes Celestron Telescope, Star finders, and books with activities.
  • Digital Camera
    Includes: 10 Kodak digital cameras, HP 375 Photosmart printer, software for editing photos on computer, photo printer and software, PowerPoint presentation on Mega fun with Mega Pixels and leader's resource binder.
  • Electronic Snap Kits
    This trunk contains eight kits and is designed to be used with ages 8 and up.  The instruction book contains definition of electrical terms and 100 projects for students to complete. Students will learn electrical terms and how to build circuits utilizing different electrical components. Project booklet has complete simple diagrams of each project and parts are color coded. It is recommended that not more than 90 minutes be used for the activity and a break is taken at midpoint.  It is useful for more than one session.
  • Flip Video Pocket Camera
    Youth can use this trunk to learn about filmmaking. The trunk includes several pocket video cameras and resources to learn how to create a video.
  • Geocaching
    This trunk includes: 6 Garmin eTrex GPS units, Geocaching instructions, and books on Geocaching.
  • GPS  - Garmin eTrex Legend
    This trunk is designed to teach the basics of Geospatial Positioning. This trunk includes: 10 hand-held Garmin eTrex Legend GPS Units, Leaders resource binder, GPS basic PowerPoint, instructions books, PC interface cables to connect GPS unit to computer, and 10 laminated instruction sheets on how to facilitate an elementary Scavenger Hunt.
  • Lawn and Garden Equipment Learning Laboratory
    This resource contains masters of the learning laboratory kit contents- situation/task statements, charts and diagrams, identification tags, and instructions.
  • LEGO® Crazy Action Contraption
    This trunk is for youth ages 7 and up who love to build and invent. Comes with step by step instructions and supplies to build 10 contraptions including a rubber band racer, spinning tops, a balloon-powered rocket car, and automatic field goal kicker, a ping pong popper, a candy machine and more!!
  • LEGO® NXT Robotics
    The NXT is an intelligent computer-controlled Lego® brick and the brain of this MINDSTORMS robot. With this trunk you will find 4 NXT Robotics sets, extra pieces, instructions and resources to build and program several different robots. This trunk is design for ages 12 and up.
  • LEGO® WeDo Robotics
    The LEGO® Education WeDo Robotics Trunk is an easy to use robotics construction set that introduces youth ages 7 and above to building models featuring motors and sensors; programming their models and exploring a series of activities. This trunk includes 6 WeDo constructions sets, 4 activity packs and software. You will need laptops or desktops to program the robot creations. (Available in Fargo, Mandan and Minot)
  • Orienteering
    Trunk includes 5 compasses, 1 package dry-erase markers, 3 topographic maps and guide book.
  • Pop Bottle Rocket
    Pop bottle rocket launcher and accessories, tire pump and curriculum.
  • Weather
    Youth will learn about weather patterns, types of weather and weather forecasting.
  • Wired For Wind
    The Wired for Wind Trunk allows youth to design, build and test a wind turbine. Based on the 2011 National Youth Science Experiment this trunk will allow youth to experiment with different blade pitch angles to determine how this affects the turbines speed and performance. You will need to supply poster board, cardboard or thick paper, paper cups, glue sticks and a hot glue gun or packing tape, scissors, pencils and a fan.

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