Livestock Events

State 4-H Livestock Events

Livestock Judging consists of carefully analyzing a group of animals and measuring them against a standard that is commonly accepted as being ideal. Livestock Quiz Bowl allows youth to demonstrate their knowledge on all food animal species. Please read the rules below for more information. 

Livestock Judging - A Guide for Oral Reasons (GB090)

4-H Animal Science Survey

ND 4-H Horse & Livestock Judging Reasons Workshop (date coming soon)

Livestock & Horse Judging Clinic + Reasons Workshop 

4-H Little "I" Judging Contest hosted by NDSU Saddle & Sirloin Club - February 14, 2020

NDSU Little "I" Judging Contest Letter & Registration 

State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest - March 7, 2020

State 4-H Livestock Judging Rules 
Livestock and Horse Judging Scantron

The 3rd edition of the NDSU Livestock Judging Terminology manual will be $10 per book plus shipping. This manual serves as a fundraiser for the NDSU Judging Club. If interested in ordering the manuals, you can go to the NDSU Marketplace.

Livestock Judging Contest Results can be found on

Campus map for building location and parking on NDSU campus - PDF here.

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North Dakota 4-H Virtual Showmanship Clinic








4-H Livestock Judging Contest - Powtoon

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