Teaching and Instructional Support: The Department's mission is to serve students and our profession by providing: a) high quality teaching programs in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering and Agricultural Systems Management that prepare graduates for 21st century living and career opportunities; b) recruitment of new students; c) academic advisement and career counseling to students; d) job placement and follow-up for students; and e) advanced and continuing education for graduates.


Research: The Department's mission is to develop and adapt knowledge and technologies that focus on engineering and management of agricultural and biological systems and related environmental resources, and to ensure continued growth and development of faculty and the profession through the conduct of strong interdisciplinary research programs.

  • Extension: The Department's mission is to develop and deliver effective extension programs that help people improve their lives through the educational process that uses scientific and research-based knowledge focused on issues and needs.

Purpose: The purpose of the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering at North Dakota State University is to serve as an academic, research, and extension unit engaged in the development and transfer of knowledge or information resulting in usable, economical, and sustainable technologies for enhanced production and utilization of agricultural, food, and other biological products and sustainable management of related environmental resources.

Goals: To provide high quality educational programs in selected areas of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering and Agricultural Systems Management.

  • To generate new knowledge in engineering and allied technologies for production agriculture, the food system, and related environmental resources. Research programs are focused in three areas: agri-production systems
    biological materials handling and value-added processing, and
    agricultural hydrology and environmental resources management.
  • To transfer information and technology to the people of North Dakota, the nation, and the world through extension and outreach education in the areas: a) agri-production systems, b) post-harvest engineering, c) irrigation and water resources management, and d) agricultural safety.
  • To achieve and maintain effective constituent relationships.