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  Beckstrand, Calby, Accelerated Greenworks, Inc, West Fargo, ND

The time I spent at NDSU prepared me to be the best professional I can be. I have gained much experience and knowledge that I can utilize in my future career. The professors were always there to assist in any way possible; even beyond the classroom. During my internship I learned how to apply my academic knowledge in the field. The people at NDSU helped me to accomplish it all.

  Buchholz, Lisa, EDP Engineer, John Deere, Waterloo, IA

I'm so glad that I found the Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering major. I felt it was where I belonged. I found the material interesting and challenging. The connections I made with my fellow students and professors have been very valuable to me. Dr. Wiesenborn and Dr. Bon are great professors that are genuinely concerned about their students and how they are developing academically. I gained great reward from learning in the classroom environment and doing well. Internships are very important and will help when it comes to looking for a full-time job. The experience helped me see how to work at a company with lots of employees. It also showed me how to apply what I learned in school to an actual job. 

  Frick, Zane, Staking Engineer, McKenzie Electric Cooperative, Inc., Watford City, ND

The atmosphere in the ABEN department provides excellent social interaction and educational growth. I really enjoyed learning about drainage and wetlands engineering. The smaller class sizes allowed for a lot of hands-on learning. The professors make students feel very comfortable. I felt at ease to ask many questions. The courses provided me with a lot of valuable information that I will use in my job.

  Laudenbach, Lucas, WASP, Inc., Glenwood, MN

NDSU has a very friendly atmosphere with quality faculty to help you pursue your career goals. An internship was very beneficial to securing a job after graduation. The classes helped me get a hands-on look at engines and gears and how they operated. The design project challenged me and made me use all the information I learned in the course.

  Knox, William, Project Engineer, Crary Industries, West Fargo, ND 

ABEN provides an environment that will help you find classes, plan your schedule, and help you succeed. The courses were taught very well. The faculty was great in my overall educational experience. Dr. Bon and Elton Solseng have both shown me that if you truly care for what you do, great things can be accomplished.  There is definitely a family atmosphere in the Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering department that cannot be found in other departments.

  Mauch, Janelle, Design Engineer, Bobcat, Gwinner, ND 

If you are looking for a friendly environment and great teachers, major in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering! The professors have a real passion for engineering and are highly knowledgeable. I would recommend going to the career fair in the fall and network with companies you are interested in. This will help when you are applying for an internship during school or a job after you graduate. The department does a great job and I am proud to tell people that I am an ABEN graduate!

  Mortenson, Christopher, Field Test Engineer, Case New Holland, Fargo, ND

NDSU was a great fit for me. The Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering department gave me an opportunity to find students with similar interests and pursue an education in a field of my interest. During my education I took an internship. It taught me how to apply what I learned in school to the industry. The faculty of the ABEN department was very accessible to students. My peers were an influence on me because we were all in the same situations and we learned together. A valuable learning experience for me was my Hydraulics (ABEN 479) class. It will be very applicable to my job.

  Swenson, Nolan, Apprentice Electrician, Red River Electric, Inc., Moorhead, MN 

A degree in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering will provide me with the most career opportunities of any type of engineering degree. Although I did not pursue engineering as a career, I wouldn't choose any other four-year program. I regularly participated in the ASABE Club and was the President during my last year of college. The advisors in the department are very helpful and the faculty is enthusiastic about engineering.

  Wallace, Nicole, Quiet Waters Engineering, West Fargo, ND

The department provides great hands-on experience and practical application to engineering solutions. I learned how to apply the classroom engineering principals to the job force which enhanced my skills during my internship. The atmosphere of the Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering department and my relationship with agriculture made for an easy decision where to complete my major after transferring from a community college. I have been very satisfied and if I had to do it over again, I would choose ABEN.

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