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  Braegelmann, Adam, Jim Schroeder Dairy Farm, Richmond, MN

I came to NDSU with the expectation that I would learn the knowledge and skills associated with my major, but during my time here, not only did I learn those skills and knowledge, but I built a network of relationships and information that I can take into the work force and continue to learn and strive to be the best that I can be. My professor had experience in the agricultural field and his hands-on teaching approach was one that I learned very well with.

  Dybdahl, David, D & G Drainage, Clinton, MN

The Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering department prepared me for full-time employment in a field that was related to my college major. The faculty make coming to class enjoyable. School helped me understand the importance of lifelong learning. The teachers care about the students and it was a great experience overall. 

  Field, Mitchell, Pederson Seed Farm, Underwood, ND

In my 4 1/2 years at NDSU I couldn't be more happy with my choice of major. After changing my major twice, this program turned out to be a perfect decision. My experience here has been wonderful and I have made many lifelong friends because of the ASM program. Tractors and power units are most widely used equipment on a farm. It was very beneficial to learn about these. There were also a lot of calculations including allowable storage time for grain that will come in very handy when I am at home.

  Flynn, Brandon, Sales Agronomist, Hefty Seeds, Wilton, ND

The students and faculty in the Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering department are all very friendly. Having the curriculum guide available to students helps keep them on track to graduate. I especially enjoyed the grain handling (ASM 323) and machinery (ASM 373) classes. The laboratory unit of ASM 373 enhanced my knowledge of taking apart and putting engines back together. My advisor was available to me for advice or even if I just needed someone to talk to. 

  Livingston, Samuel, Farming, Minot, ND 

The Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering department provides a farm family learning experience that students can relate to and understand effectively. Many of the courses I took will be useful back on the farm. I actively participated in the ASM Club for three years and was Treasurer for one year.

  Martin, Tyrell, Titan Machinery, Wishek, ND 

The Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering provided me with courses that contained quality education in the classroom as well as practical, hands-on experiences in the laboratory setting. This method of instruction has helped me develop and apply my knowledge of the principles and practices in the production agricultural industry. I learned a great deal of information about areas in farming that I previously had little experience with. 

  Weller, Shane, Consultant, Central Crop Consulting, Marshall, MN 

I enjoyed my time at NDSU. It is a great school with lots of good people. All of the faculty members were always willing to help out and answer any questions I had. I would recommend getting internships or work experience related to the field of work you plan to go into. I did two internships with Central Crop Consulting which let to full-time employment after graduation.

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