Quarter-Scale Tractor Club - “Bison Pullers”

Each year a team of undergraduate students designs and builds a 1/4-scale pulling tractor for an international collegiate competition sponsored by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE). The goal of the competition is for team members to pull the knowledge gained in various classes to use in a real world application. In addition, students also learn invaluable teamwork and communication skills as well as developing industry contacts, which could later prove valuable in their careers.

The 1/4-Scale Tractor Competition is made up of teams from the Student Branches of ASABE from around the world. The competition is similar to a normal tractor pull with a few different objectives; not only are the teams trying to pull the sled the length of the track, but they also need to compete in several engineering objectives. Each team prepares a written design report, an oral presentation, cost analysis and a design log for their tractor. Also, each team is judged on the manufacturability and serviceability of their tractor.

Advisor: Dr. Tom Bon, 202 Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Building (ABEN), 701-231-7275

Meetings: Vary as needed, commonly Thursday nights

Goals: Develop a 1/4 scale tractor for the A-team competition, and modify the previous year's tractor for the X-team competition at the International Quarter Scale Tractor (IQS) pull held each June in Peoria, IL

Major Activities: Design and development of the tractors, fundraising, public service, promotion of IQS, and presentation of the 1/4 scale tractor at campus functions

Membership Requirements: Interested students in good standing at NDSU

How to Join:

  • Contact the club advisor, Dr. Tom Bon, 202 ABEN, 701-231-7275 or Julie Bietz, Student Services Coordinator, 103 ABEN, 701-231-7273
  • Come to a meeting and become involved!