Faculty and Staff

Dr. Kenneth Hellevang, Interim Chair

Professor, Extension Engineer

Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering 
North Dakota State University
NDSU Dept. 7620
PO Box 6050
Fargo ND 58108-6050
Phone: 701-231-7243
E-mail: kenneth.hellevang@ndsu.edu


 Dr. Mohammed Raju Ahmed - Postdoctoral Research Associate

 Office: Van Es 186
 Phone: (701) 491-0052
 Email: mohammed.ahmed.1@ndsu.edu




   Thomas Bon - Associate Professor of Practice

 Office: ABEN 202

 Phone: (701) 231-7275
 Email: thomas.bon@ndsu.edu

 Research Interests: Computer usage, instrumentation, electrical usage, finite element analysis, optimization, machine systems, and hydraulics
 Advises: ABEN, ASM undergraduate students



  Dr. Igathinathane Cannayen - Associate Professor

 Office: Northern Great Plains Research Lab, USDA-Ag Research Service, room 208
           1701 10th Ave SW, PO Box 459, Mandan, ND 58554
 Phone: (701) 667-3011
 Email: i.cannayen@ndsu.edu

 Research Interests: Biomass feedstock engineering, machine vision image processing application in agriculture, and agricultural processing and post-harvest engineering
 Advises: ABEN, NRM, ECS graduate students


  Dr. Paulo Flores - Assistant Professor

 Office: ABEN 106
 Phone: (701) 231-5348
 Email: paulo.flores@ndsu.edu

 Research Interests: Precision agriculture, applications of UASs/Drones in agriculture, UASs/dron imagery analysis, and GIS applications for precision agriculture
 Advises: PAG undergraduate students; ABEN, NRM, ECS graduate students



  Dr. Ademola (Demmy) Hammed - Research Assistant Professor

 Office: Pilot Plant 102
 Phone: (7010) 231-8610
 Email: ademola.hammed@ndsu.edu




  Dr. Xinhua Jia - P.E., Professor

 Office: Morrill 205
 Phone: (701) 231-6453
 Email: xinhua.jia@ndsu.edu
 Research Interests: Tile drainage and subirrigation, hydrology, water management for sustainability
 Advises: ABEN, ASM undergraduate students; ABEN, NRM, ECS graduate students



Dr. Cengiz Koparan, Postdoctoral Research Associate

 Office: Van Es 186
 Phone: (617) 447-8648
 Email: cengiz.koparan@ndsu.edu





  Dr. Zhulu Lin - Associate Professor

 Office: ABEN 104
 Phone: (701) 231-7118
 Email: zhulu.lin@ndsu.edu
 Research Interests:
Managing complex, large-scale agricultural and hydrological systems for sustainable uses of soil of water resources
 Advises: ABEN, ASM undergraduate students; ABEN, NRM, ECS graduate students



  Dr. Ewumbua Monono - Assistant Professor

 Office: ABEN 206
 Phone: (701) 231-7277
 Email: ewumbua.monono@ndsu.edu

 Research Interests: Application of engineering to the science of bioprocessing, biofuels, bioproducts, and food safety engineering
 Advises: ABEN, ASM undergraduate students; ABEN, NRM, ECS graduate students



  Dr. Nurun Nahar - Assistant Professor of Practice

 Office: ABEN 119
 Phone: (701) 231-7140
 Email: nurun.nahar@ndsu.edu
 Research Interests:
Value addition to ND crops, grain storage; biomass pretreatment and fermentation for biofuel or chemical production; interaction of biomass pretreatment and densification on enzymatic hydrolysis
 Advises: ABEN, ASM undergraduate students; ABEN, NRM, ECS graduate students



  John F. Nowatzki - Agricultural Machines Specialist, Extension

 Office: ABEN 115
 Phone: (701) 231-8213
 Email: john.nowatzki@ndsu.edu
 Research Interests: Unmanned aircraft systems, smartphone apps, conservation tillage, farm safety




  Matthew Olhoft - Senior Lecturer

 Office: ABEN 204
 Phone: (701) 231-7269
 Email: matthew.olhoft@ndsu.edu

 Advises: ASM undergraduate students




   Dr. Shafiqur Rahman - Professor, Graduate Coordinator

 Office: Morrill 206
 Phone: (701) 231-7336
 Email: s.rahman@ndsu.edu
 Research Interests:
Odor reduction and green energy production from livestock manure and other wastes
 Advises: ABEN, ASM undergraduate students; ABEN, NRM, ECS graduate students



  Dr. Thomas F. Scherer - Associate Professor, Extension

 Office: ABEN 115
 Phone: (701) 231-7239
 Email: thomas.scherer@ndsu.edu
 Expertise Areas: Subsurface (tile) drainage design, subsurface drainage water quality, irrigation systems and equipment, irrigation water management, individual onsite wastewater (septic) systems, individual water supplies and treatment,  water quality: interpreting test results, basement sump pumps



  Dr. Halis Simsek - Assistant Professor

 Office: ABEN 205
 Phone: (701) 231-6107
 Email: halis.simsek@ndsu.edu

 Research Interests: Biological wastewater treatment, environmental biochemistry, microbial processes for bioremediation of organic and inorganic substances.
 Advises: ABEN, ASM undergraduate students; ABEN, NRM, ECS graduate students



   Dr. John Stenger - Post-Doctoral Research Associate

 Office: ABEN 207

 Phone: (701) 231-5349
 Email: john.stenger@ndsu.edu




  Dr. Dean D. Steele - P.E., Associate Professor

 Office: ABEN 113
 Phone: (701) 231-7268
 Email: dean.steele@ndsu.edu
 Research Interests: Development of water management practices and tools for improved crop production and natural resources management
 Advises: ABEN, ASM undergraduate students; ABEN, NRM, ECS graduate students



  Dr. Xin (Rex) Sun - Assistant Professor

 Office: ABEN 105
 Phone: (701) 231-5756
 Email: xin.sun@ndsu.edu

 Research Interests: Precision Agriculture, artificial intelligence in food and agriculture, precision livestock production, meat quality non-destructive detection methods
 Advises: PAG undergraduate students; ABEN, NRM, ECS graduate students



  Dr. Yu (Heather) Zhang - Research Assistant Professor

 Office: ABEN 122
 Phone: (701) 231-5389
 Email: yu.zhang.7@ndsu.edu





  Dr. Zhao Zhang - Research Assistant Professor

 Office: ABEN 122
 Phone: (701) 231-8403
 Email: zhao.zhang.1@ndsu.edu
 Research Interests:
Sensing and automation in agricultural and precision agriculture
 Advises: ABEN, NRM, ECS graduate students







  Julie Bietz - Student Coordinator

 Office: ABEN 103
 Phone: (701) 231-7273
 Email: julie.bietz@ndsu.edu
 Responsibilities: Maintain student files, issue class permits, student liaison, new employee paperwork, timeslip processing




  Dr. Md. Saidul Borhan - Research Specialist

 Phone: (701) 231-8403
 Email: md.borhan@ndsu.edu
 Responsibilities: Conduct research related to characterization and abatement of air pollutants including real-time measurement of gaseous emissions from stationary agricultural sources




  Jana Daeuber - Research Specialist

 Office: ABEN 125
 Phone: (701) 231-7264
 Email: jana.daeuber@ndsu.edu
 Responsibilities: Maintaining departmental IT and assisting faculty with research




  Kenton Jensen - Research Specialist

 Office: ABEN 207
 Phone: (701) 231-5386
 Email: kenton.jensen@ndsu.edu
 Responsibilities: Assist Precision Ag Group faculty with research




  Dr. Dongqing Lin - Research Specialist

 Office: Hultz 235
 Phone: (701) 231-7155
 Email: dongqing.lin@ndsu.edu




  Vacant - Fabrication Specialist

 Office: ABEN 124
 Phone: (701)



   Dr. Niloy Chandra Sarker - Research Specialist

 Office: Pilot Plant
 Phone: (701)  
 Email: niloy.sarker@ndsu.edu
 Responsibilities: Assist Bioprocessing Group faculty with research



   Sheldon Tuscherer - Research Specialist

 Office: ABEN 207
 Phone: (701) 231-7429
 Email: sheldon.tuscherer@ndsu.edu
 Responsibilities: Knowledgeable in agricultural engineering, hydrological evapotranspiration modeling, remote sensing utilizing satellite data, GIS applications, soil characteristics modeling, soils and waste management, and watershed management.

 Melanie Ziegler - Administrative Assistant

 Office: ABEN 100
 Phone: (701) 231-7261
 Email: melanie.ziegler@ndsu.edu





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