Research Labs and Groups

  1. Natural Resources Engineering (Scherer, Steele, Jia, Lin & Simsek)
  2. Machinery Systems and Precision Agriculture (Nowatzki, Bon, Solseng & Bajwa)
  3. Food and Bioprocess Engineering (Wiesenborn, Pryor, Cannayen & Bajwa)
  4. Structures and Environment (Rahman, Simsek, Hellevang)

The department's overall mission is to develop and extend knowledge in engineering and technology that serves to advance the productivity of agriculture, the value-added processing and utilization of agricultural commodities, and the sustainable management of environmental resources.

Its research programs generally involve multi disciplinary collaborations that are focused in the areas of: 1) Natural Resources Engineering, 2) Machinery Systems and Precision Agriculture, 3) Food and Bioprocess Engineering, and 4) Structures and Environment.

Highlights of Research and Creative Activity 2018

Natural Resources Engineering

Drainage Water Management training program for the Natural Resources Conservation Service. Online Module training developed for NRCS personnel to become proficient discussing Drainage Water Management to potential clients.Dr. Tom Scherer

Spatial mapping of evapotranspiration over Devils Lake basin with SEBAL: Application to flood mitigation via irrigation of agricultural crops. Dr. Dean Steele

Drainage water management and its impact on crop production, water quality, and Red River flooding. Plastic mulch film effect and waterlogging stress on crops. Dr. Xinhua Jia

Addressing water competitions in the energy and agriculture sectors in the energy-rich and water-poor Northern Great Plains. Modeling impacts of subsurface drainage on spring floods in the Red River Basin. Developing a computer model to understand the impact of Devils Lake diversion on water quality in the Red River Basin. Dr. Zhulu Lin

Biological Wastewater treatment using algae and bacteria. Application to building on-site wastewater treatment plants in agricultural areas to remove nutrient from wastewaters and surface runoff. Dr. Halis Simsek

Machinery Systems and Precision Agriculture

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Applications to Agriculture. Using UAS to monitor crops and livestock at the NDSU Carrington Research Extension Service. Develop an ongoing UAS education program for producers and agribusinesses. Sponsored by ResearchND, ND Soybean Council. John Nowatzki

Precision agriculture in crop production including GPS, computer applications, soils, crop input and yield data management, active optical sensors and equipment technologies. Sponsor ND Soybean Council John Nowatzki

Soil Compaction: "Impact of Tractor and Equipment on Corn Growth, Development and Yield" John Nowatzki

Capacity Building in Climate Change Mitigation through Precision Agriculture. Sponsor Asia-Pacific network for Global Change. Dr. Ganesh Bora

Digital Imaging Technique to Detect and Count Aphids. Sponsor ND Soybean Council. Dr. Sreekala Bajwa

Economic Development of ND and Unmanned Aircraft Systems Research and Education. Sponsor NDSU Development Foundation. Dr. Sreekala Bajwa

Food and Bioprocess Engineering

Coated, Hulled Confection Sunflower Seeds for Precision Seeding. Scale-up of Novel Soybean Based Materials Developed at NDSU. Sponsor ND Soybean Council. Dr. Dennis Wiesenborn

Commercial Evaluation of Novel Soy-based Resin in Wood Composites. Sponsor: ND Soybean Council. Dr. Sreekala Bajwa Dr. Dennis Wiesenborn

Energy Beets: A New Industrial Sugar Source. Sponsor: US Department of Transportation - SUN grant. Dr. Dennis Wiesenborn Dr. Scott Pryor Dr. Igathinathane Cannayen

Sustainability of Biofuel Production in South Africa. Sponsor: US Fulbright Scholar Program. Dr. Scott Pryor

Energy Beet Research, Phase II: Front End Processing. Sponsor: ND Energy Commission/Green Vision Group. Dr. Igathinathane Cannayen

Flood Affected Wood Biomass Utilization Opportunities in North Dakota. Sponsor: US Forest Service & Cooperative Forestry Assistance. Dr. Igathinathane Cannayen

Image Processing Based Wool Testing System. Sponsor: American Wool Council. Dr. Igathinathane Cannayen Executive PI: Guiding System Development.

Mechanical, Thermal, and Storage Characteristics of Biomass: Phenocam. Sponsor: USDA-ARS. Dr. Iganthinathane Cannayen

Commercial application of soybean stalk as a new alternative fiber in particle boards. Sponsor ND Industrial Commission/Masonite PrimeBoard. Dr. Sreekala Bajwa

Processing and Development of 100% Soybean Straw Based Low Density Boards. Spnsor: ND Soybean Council. Dr. Sreekala Bajwa

Market Study of Flax fiber for Industrial Applications. Sponsor: ND Agricultural Products Utilization Commission Dr. Sreekala Bajwa

Development of a Biofiber Composite Building/Landscaping Material with DDGS/Corn Fiber. Sponsor: ND Corn Council. Dr. Sreekala Bajwa

Structures and Environment

Quantification of Road Dust and its Effect on Soil. Sponsor: NDSU Road Dust Grant. Dr. Shafiqur Rahman

Demonstration and Evaluation of Vegetative Buffer Strips to Minimize Runoff Pollution and Pathogens from Feedlots. Sponsor: EPA. Dr. Shafiqur Rahman

Agricultural Energy Efficiency Education Program. Sponsor: ND Department of Commerce, US Department of Energy. Dr. Kenneth Hellevang

Bioavailability of Wastewater-Derived Dissolved Organic Nitrogen to Algal Species. Sponsor:ND AES. Dr. Halis Simsek