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Updated: November 02, 2006


With energy and momentum, North Dakota State University addresses the needs and aspirations of people in a changing world by building on our land-grant foundation.


We envision a vibrant university that will be globally identified as a contemporary metropolitan land-grant institution.


NDSU is guided by the following key values and principles:

We reflect and serve geographically and culturally diverse populations.

We share institutional success across the university.

We anticipate and welcome growth and service that will occur in ways yet to be conceived.

We embrace our unique complexities as a land-grant university on the Northern Great Plains.

We remain committed to serving people globally.

We derive strength and vitality from each other and from the diverse communities we serve.

We care about the current and future welfare of our students, staff, and faculty.

We promote excellence through individuals participating in decisions and value cooperation for the common good.

We are an engaged university and acknowledge and pursue scholarship of all forms, including discovery, teaching, integration, and application.

We uphold the rights and responsibilities of academic freedom.

Teaching and Learning
We provide a superior teaching and learning environment within and outside of the traditional classroom.

We promote and value liberal, graduate, and professional education in a collegial environment where divergent ideas can be shared.

We foster an environment that promotes life-long learning with individually-defined goals.

We maintain our integrity through principled action and ethical decision-making.

We will be the land-grant university that we want to be by welcoming and respecting differences in people and ideas.

We support the goals of the North Dakota University System and value collaboration with colleges and universities around the world.

We foster accessibility to our programs and services.

We have a special relationship with, and are accountable to, the people of North Dakota.

We actively strive to contribute to our region's economic prosperity and to improve the quality of life.


It's About People
North Dakota State University exists as a human endeavor; a means to accomplish a greater good. It's About People, acknowledges the service we do for our fellow citizens, but also emphasizes the institutional commitment to the people of North Dakota State University and our desire to reward those whose efforts are serving the public's interests.

Students are Paramount
In recent years, NDSU has seen tremendous growth in the size of our student body from some 9,700 students in 1999 to our goal of more than 12,000 students. NDSU's growth is grounded in the strength of our existing programs and fueled by the strategic addition of new programs. Undergraduate education remains the foundation of our educational offerings while new graduate programs are retaining and keeping young people in the state. NDSU students are active partners in our institutional transformation.

In these past few years, we have successfully launched many new undergraduate and graduate programs. Total doctoral enrollment has risen from about 150 to 500 students. We have reinforced the integrity of NDSU's academic offerings by emphasizing our faculty's expertise in research and creative activities while maintaining our focus on teaching and learning.

Leveraging Support
NDSU's growth is a major contributor to the state's economy. The direct economic impacts of NDSU growth in Fiscal Year 2000 was about $14 million and by Fiscal Year 2005 grew to more than $105 million. Over the past five years, the State of North Dakota has increased state appropriated support of NDSU by $45.2 million. The University has leveraged those state resources by securing $433 million from other sources. Thus, for every additional dollar of state support, we have obtained roughly $9.60 of additional funds. In total, the impact of NDSU's growth over the last six years exceeds $1 billion.

NDSU is experiencing a period of remarkable success. Few universities have experienced our growth in enrollment, research expenditures, program expansion, or growth in campus infrastructure in such a short time. Our faculty, staff and students have seized upon an opportunity to be more and have catapulted this university forward. NDSU's institutional stature also is being increased through a very successful transition in intercollegiate athletics to Division I. We are increasing awareness of our state and representing North Dakota with pride and competitive excellence.

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