The File Transformer - Alternative Format Generator

Available now at NO COST during the current COVID-19 crisis

Access File Transformer and learn more about Alternative Formats

The new File Transformer tool from Blackboard Ally allows anyone to upload an electronic file and convert it to an Alternative Format that best fits your needs without using a Blackboard course or organization. After uploading your file, pick an alternative format that best suits your current task or situation. You can pick and mix formats too!

Blackboard Ally is now available to all NDSU Blackboard courses as of 12/23/20. Students can use the Alternative Formats icons visible in their course(s) to convert course documents to an alternative format as needed.

Electronic file formats allowed for upload to File Transformer: PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPTX, and HTML

Available alternative formats: Audio, HTML, Electronic braille, ePub, OCRed PDF, Tagged PDF, Beeline Reader

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