Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Voucher

In the cases where a Receiving Report or Direct Entry to Oracle/PeopleSoft is not applicable, the invoice should be attached to a paper Accounts Payable Voucher that is routed to the Accounting Office for payment.

Generally, an AP Voucher may be used for most payments to individuals or companies, unless a Purchase Requisition must be used.

The AP Voucher must be accompanied by the original invoice(s), and/or other documentation, and sent to the Accounting Office for processing.

When using the Accounts Payable Voucher, if you do not have an invoice number or have several invoices to pay with one voucher, you must use the Reference Number Generator on the Downloadable Forms web page to generate a reference number.  It is important to get a new reference number for each voucher and not re-use previous reference numbers.

The Reference Number Generator advances one digit each time it is accessed and will create a unique reference number for your Accounts Payable Voucher.  If more than one Accounts Payable Voucher is to be completed, return to the Reference Number Generator web page and generate another number.

The Reference Number Generator can be found on the Downloadable Forms page at:

    Reference Number Generator

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