Accounts Payable

Multiple Disbursement Form

Rather than generating a number of Accounts Payable Vouchers with the same information (except name, address and amount), a multiple disbursement form is available to more efficiently process payments.

Instructions for completing the form:

  • An Accounts Payable Voucher must be attached to the front of the multiple disbursement form for processing.
  • Up to 20 individual disbursements can be listed on one form.
  • The form can only be used when a single fund, dept, account, program and project are to be charged.
  • (Frequently, the nature of the expense does not provide an invoice or other supporting documentation.)
  • Amounts should be totaled and listed on the multiple disbursement form and the total listed on the Accounts Payable Voucher.
  • The reference number is to be filled in by the department.
  • Names and addresses must be listed in alphabetical order.
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