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Accounts Payable

Direct Entry of Vendor Invoice into Oracle/PeopleSoft

When the department does not initiate the procurement process with a Purchase Requisition or use the P-Card, they may pay the invoice by directly entering the information to the Oracle/PeopleSoft Finance System, except in situations as follows:

  • Payments to Individuals
  • Rents or Lease payments
  • Contract Service Agreements
  • Purchases of $5,000.01 and above
  • Equipment purchases of $5,000.01 and above
  • Payments needing authorization from more than one department, unless an individual is authorized to sign on all departments involved
  • Payments directly to lodging for an employee
  • Payments to Non U.S. suppliers

a. Efficiency

Departments are encouraged to use this method when applicable. With the effort expended in preparing a paper AP Voucher, the department can have the vendor payment entered to Oracle/PeopleSoft and ready for payment themselves on a more timely basis.

b. Process

Once the goods and/or services are received and accepted, and the vendor invoice is received in the department, the department needs to go through a process to review the invoice, check for accuracy, verify the good and/or services were in fact received and are acceptable. The person taking responsibility for this process should approve the payment by signing or initialing on the APPROVED-DATE line once the invoice is stamped.

Each invoice should be stamped as follows:

I/we acknowledge receipt of these goods &/or services.

VENDOR ID #______________________________
SHIPMENT RECEIPT # _____________________
VOUCHER ID #____________________________

(This stamp is available through the Accounting Office by calling 231-7432.)

Fill in the blanks as follows:

VENDOR ID (SUPPLIER ID) #: Determined by either looking up the number in Oracle/PeopleSoft or, if no number is in the system, please fax the invoice to the Accounting Office (231-6194) and a Vendor ID # will be created for the company you are paying. The Accounting Office will then fax the new Vendor ID # back to you for minimal delay in paying the invoice.

There is also a need to fax any remit address changes or vendor name changes to the Accounting Office, attention: Renee.

For accounts payable purposes, the remit address is the most important address as this is where the accounts payable checks or direct deposit stub is mailed.

FUNDING: Oracle/PeopleSoft chartfields used to charge the expense (Account-Fund-Dept-Program-Project #s).

APPROVED-DATE: The Accounting Office requires a minimum of two signatures on the invoice; one authorizing payment approval and one indicating who has entered the invoice information into the system. The individual approving the payment should sign his/her initials on this line with the date.

ENTERED-DATE: The Accounting Office requires a minimum of two signatures on the invoice; one authorizing payment approval and one indicating who has entered the invoice information into the system. Once the invoice has been entered into the system, the individual who enters the information should sign his/her initials on this line with the date.

VOUCHER ID #: This is the voucher number generated by the system for each invoice as it is entered.

3. Alphabetize the invoices you plan to enter as a batch.

4. Calculate the batch total (total of all the invoices you will be entering) on an adding machine tape. Initial the tape and write the date on it. (This tape will be used to verify your session total after you have entered your invoices - see #6 below.)

5. Enter the vendor invoice information to Oracle/PeopleSoft Finance. Entry instructions are in NDSU's Oracle/PeopleSoft Users Manual.

After entering the invoice, you will see a system-generated Voucher ID # number. Write that number on the line entitled: "VOUCHER ID #". Initial and date the line entitled: "ENTERED". (After the first invoice, you will see a session number at the bottom of the screen. Write that number on your adding machine tape.)

6. After entering all invoices for a given day, run Oracle/PeopleSoft query NDU_AP63_VOUCHER_BY_USER to verify your input. The query results can be downloaded to Excel, totaled and compared to your adding machine tape; calculated in #4 above.

If your totals do not agree you can make changes to the vouchers you entered and then repeat step #6 to verify the accuracy of your input.

If a payment is entered online in PeopleSoft Finance by a department, it cannot be picked up in the Accounting Office. These payments will be mailed.

Record Retention: It is necessary for you to keep these invoices filed. When it comes time for the auditors to come you will be responsible for pulling the invoices that the auditor's request. According to the official retention policy (NDSU Policy 713), departments must retain these invoices for a total of ten years.

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