Employee - Travel and Other Reimbursements Received via Accounts Payable Processing

A recent change has been made by the University Systems Core Technology Services (CTS) which synchronizes personal data between the three PeopleSoft systems: Campus Solutions, HRMS, and Financial.  This means an employee’s name, address, email and phone information that is entered in the HRMS system will sync over to the Campus Solutions and Finance systems. 

With this change, the employee’s data that comes over from the HRMS system to Finance, can no longer be changed on the Finance side.  This includes the banking information that is input in HRMS for paying an employee.  Going forward, any travel and other reimbursements made to an employee will be paid via direct deposit to the employee’s bank account, as set up in HRMS.  The bank account your reimbursement will go into, will be the main bank account you have set up in HRMS.  

In addition, the direct deposit slip will be mailed to the address you currently have set up in HRMS.  Please review your mailing address in HRMS to make sure it’s current.  To view and/or edit Home or Mailing address in the HRMS system, navigate to:  Main Menu > Self Service > Personal Information > Home and Mailing Address.  Once on that page, employees will be able to view and edit Home and Mailing addresses by clicking the pencil icon.

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