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Single Use Account Implementation

To NDSU Departments,

An enhancement to PeopleSoft Finance is being implemented this fall called Single Use Account (SUA).   SUA is a new payment process that will be available to pay supplier invoices by PeopleSoft AP Vouchers.  This will be a third payment option when paying invoices by AP Vouchers - in addition to checks and direct deposits.   (Paying suppliers by procurement card is another option not involving AP Vouchers.)   This project is being implemented by the North Dakota University System (NDUS) in coordination with the North Dakota Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and JP Morgan Chase (JPMC). 

SUA is called a virtual credit card payment program where instead of paying suppliers by check or direct deposit, they are paid by a one-time credit card payment initiated by PeopleSoft.  Each supplier that enrolls in the SUA program will be assigned with an SUA location in PeopleSoft.  Supplier numbers will not be changed – an SUA location will be added for the suppliers that sign up.   When an AP Voucher is processed with an SUA location code the voucher is paid by a one-time payment that is electronically generated - similar to direct deposits. An electronic notice is sent to the supplier and they have to accept the payment. 

Similar to the distribution of checks and direct deposits, NDSU departments outside of the central accounting office are not involved in SUA payment process -other than selecting the SUA location code for a supplier when processing an AP Voucher.  The difference between direct deposits & SUA payments is that the SUA payments are processed through a university/state credit card account and are subject to a rebate similar to the procurement card – direct deposits are an Automated Clearing House (ACH) bank account transaction.

Recently, enrollment letters from JPMC have been sent to the state’s largest suppliers encouraging them to sign up for the SUA payment process.  Signup is voluntary for suppliers.   If a supplier asks your department about the enrollment letters, you can assure the supplier that this is valid and that SUA is the University System’s new preferred method of payment.  If they have specific questions about the program, please reference the email that the supplier received for contact information. 

NDSU Accounting highly recommends any electronic payment method – direct deposits, procurement cards, or SUA (once implementation is complete).  We could be wrong, but we anticipate the supplier signup for SUA will be gradual.

More training information will be forthcoming on how to select the location code on the AP Voucher to use the SUA payment method.

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