Employee Travel Reimbursements for In-State Lodging in Western, ND

As a reminder, made effective November 9, 2010, if NDSU employees are unable to find a state rate hotel in the western part of the state (Williston, Dickinson, Minot, etc.), within a reasonable distance of their assigned work location, they need to consult in advance with Ramona Adams, or Ricki Martin, NDSU Accounting Office, to discuss alternatives so the employee does not incur additional out-of-pocket costs.   NDSU employees will need to secure proper documentation of attempts to find a room at a state rate and that advance NDSU Accounting Office approval was received to reimburse the higher rate.


The North Dakota University System Office is trying to strongly encourage OMB to seek statutory amendments during the next session to address the issue for a better long-term solution.


Contact information for Ramona Adams & Ricki Martin is as follows:

Ramona Adams:  231-5661 or email:   Ramona.Adams@ndsu.edu

Ricki Martin: 231-7433 or email:  Ricki.Martin@ndsu.edu

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