Miscellaneous Travel Expenses

Reimbursement may also be requested for such necessary miscellaneous travel expenses as registration fees, car rental, taxi fares, toll fees, business telephone calls, parking fees and up to $5.00 per day for personal telephone calls while in travel status. All miscellaneous travel expenses claimed on the travel voucher must be individually identified and explained. Receipts are required for all individual miscellaneous travel expenses exceeding $10.00. 

Entertainment & Personal Expenses

Employee entertainment or other personal expenses are not reimbursable. Expenses claimed by an employee that appear to fall in this category, will need additional justification to support claiming them as necessary business expenses.   

Car Rental

The university will reimburse an employee for car rental if the employee used an aircraft to get to their destination, and if the use of the vehicle is sufficient to justify that mode of travel instead of a taxi. It is generally the policy to discourage car rentals unless their cost effectiveness is self-evident. 

When renting a car for university business, purchase of additional insurance is not necessary when using the car rental companies National/Enterprise and Hertz because it is already included with the contracts between the State of North Dakota and the rental companies.  Use the following codes while booking for each:

  • National/Enterprise - XZ63NDS Pin NDS
  • Hertz - 1892010

In the event that National, Enterprise or Hertz are not available at the destination, you MUST purchase Collision Damage Waiver, Comprehensive, and Liability Insurance that is equivalent to North Dakota's Cooperative Contract except in the following states:  MN, SD, MT, WY, IA and WI.  In these states, coverage is through the ND Risk Management Division.  The North Dakota Risk Management Division also recommends purchasing the liability insurance if renting outside the United States. Also, when out of the country, it is advisable to purchase the loss damage waiver as well. Employees should consider what coverages the employee's personal auto insurance provides. 

Please refer to the State Fleet and Rental Vehicles Guidelines for further information. 

Tips and other Charges

Reasonable tips, not to exceed $5.00 per tip, and service charges that are a necessary part of the business trip are reimbursable. Examples include: tips to bellhops and taxicab drivers. No reimbursement is allowed for tips on meals that are covered by the meal allowance. 

Lost Receipts

When an original receipt is lost, a photocopy or faxed invoice should be obtained with a notation by the employee that the original receipt was lost. Credit card receipts are not sufficient.  

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