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Internship Requirements

Undergraduate Internships

 The purpose of the internship is to offer students enrolled in the accounting, finance or management information systems majors an opportunity to apply classroom learning in a professional environment relevant to their major. For accounting and management information systems majors, the internship will satisfy the practicum requirement. For finance majors the internship will count towards the credits needed as Additional 300-400 level Electives Not Used in the Pre-Professional Category.

Course Enrollment: The course numbers for the internships are ACCT 397, ACCT 413, MIS 397, MIS 413, FIN 397, and FIN 413. The difference between the 397 and 413 courses is that the 397 courses represent internships in which the intern is paid at least minimum wage and the 413 courses are unpaid internships. Unpaid internships are only permitted for not-for-profit organizations (e.g., charities) and governmental organizations. Registration for 397 classes is through the NDSU Career Center and will require the approval of your faculty advisor. Registration for 413 classes is with the permission of your faculty advisor and the Head of the Accounting, Finance and Information Systems Department.

A maximum of two internships is permitted to count for academic credit for accounting and MIS majors. The second internship must be significantly different from the first one. The second internship counts as Free Electives credits. A second internship in finance is not permitted. 

Internship Requirements: The type of internship that will be satisfactory for this requirement will be one that will require application of accounting/MIS/finance knowledge and problem solving in an unstructured environment, critical thinking, good communication skills, and the ability to work with others. The internship must be for between eight and fifteen weeks with one credit received for every 100 hours worked up to three credits per internship. For accounting and MIS major, a minimum of 3 credits is needed to satisfy the practicum requirement. Upon completion of the internship, the student will be required to prepare a professional report. The requirements for the report will be determined by your faculty advisor. The report may include: describing the organizational structure and functioning of the business (or not-for-profit or government), the reality of holding a professional position in the accounting/finance/MIS community, the importance of communications within a business organization, the application of accounting, finance or MIS skills and knowledge in a professional environment, exposure to unstructured problem solving, analysis of financial information for decision making, and application of critical thinking skills; and the role of ethics in the professional practice. In addition, the report might include a discussion on current issues facing the firm and/or the firm's industry that relates to the student's major. This will probably require additional research into the issue. Also, the employer will be asked to evaluate the student. Supervising faculty will determine whether the experiential learning requirement goals have been satisfied. 

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