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Bison Fund

NDSU's Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) was formed during the 2006-07 academic year, at the suggestion of Dean Ronald Johnson, with two complementary objectives.  The first objective was to provide a unique educational experience for advanced business students by providing an opportunity to actively manage a significant portfolio of “real money.”  The second objective was to manage a portfolio in such as way as to provide competitive financial returns with appropriate levels of risk – i.e., to provide long-term performance equal to, or better than, professional portfolio managers. 

The group’s activities were ultimately made possible by a generous offer from Dean Tom Riley which allowed the Bison Fund to manage an endowment portfolio of approximately $108,000 for the benefit of the Institute of Regional Studies.  The student founders of SMIF then proceeded to develop a roadmap for managing the endowment.  This process involves understanding the clients’ objectives and expectations with regard to investment risk return.  With this information in hand, and after considerable planning, SMIF portfolio managers developed a professional Investment Policy Statement describing how the portfolio would be invested – including guides for asset allocation (i.e., allocations to stocks, bond and cash) and security selection (i.e., which stocks to purchase).  The Fund was initially deployed on March 14, 2007, with the purchase of approximately 25 individual stock issues and a bond mutual fund.

Students may apply to the program by contacting faculty advisor, Dr. Fariz Huseynov.

January 2014--The Bison Fund Grows to 1.1 Million!

The Bison Fund, the student-managed investment fund in the College of Business, has just been given the responsibility to manage more than $900,000 of university gift money.  With guidance from Dr. Fariz Huseynov, Assistant Professor of Finance, the students make investment decisions to continue to grow the fund.  Beginning in 2007 with responsibility for managing more than $100,000 provided by the Institute of Regional Studies, the Bison Fund now manages in excess of $1.1 million of assets.  Congratulations to the students who have earned the trust of the university.      

 Reports and Statements
 Meeting Minutes and Presentations

Bison Fund Officers





Jason Churchill



 Basic Materials & Utilities

Jason is a first year Graduate student pursuing his Master’s Degree in Agribusiness and Applied Economics.  He received Bachelor of Science Degrees in Business Administration, Finance, and Economics from NDSU in May 2013. For the past year he worked in Wells Fargo’s Wealth, Brokerage, Retirement division in Minneapolis.  2014-2015 is Jason’s third overall year with the Bison Fund<//span><//span>

Jordan Hennen



Vice President

Consumer Cyclical & Technology

 This is Jordan’s second year in the Bison Fund and first year as an officer.  <//span><//span>He has been an analyst in the Consumer Cyclical and Technology sectors.  <//span><//span>He is a senior studying Finance with a minor in Accounting.  <//span><//span>He enjoys researching the automotive industry to understand how different events impact the industries prices. Upon graduation Jordan would like to pursue a career such as a Budget Analyst.<//span><//span>

Douglas Noah



Internal Vice President

 Communications & Consumer Cyclical

Doug Noah is a senior at NDSU double majoring in Finance and Economics. Outside of the Bison Fund he is also a member of NDSU’s team for the CFA institute research challenge and works part time assisting financial planners at Thrivent Financial. He is set to graduating in the spring of 2015 and plans on taking the level one CFA exam in June. After college he intends to pursue a career in asset management as an analyst or portfolio manager.<//span><//span>

Brad Cantwell





Brad is a senior from Roseville, MN pursuing a degree in Finance.  This is his first year with the Bison Fund however he started investing at 10 years old.  Brad also works as the Assistant Hall Director in Reed/Johnson halls.  He worked as an intern with a Financial Planner over the summer but is still not sure what he wants to do upon graduation and is keeping his options open.<//span><//span>

Mason Anderson



 Financial Services & Industrials

Mason has been in the Bison Fund for the past two years covering the financial services and industrial's sectors. This past summer he interned in Fargo doing small business valuations and upon graduation in the May 2015 I plan to pursue a career in wealth management or institutional investments. He spent his free time working on the Investment Research Challenge and volunteering.<//span><//span>

Mark Simonson




Mark is a senior studying economics. He plans to come back next year to complete his major and minors. He has been considering either the MBA program or a MS in Agribusiness & Applied Economics. This is his first year in the Bison Fund, and is relatively new to it yet. He has been looking into pursuing a career in something finance-related. He is also a member of Collegiate DECA, and am somewhat involved with some faith-based organizations on campus. <//span><//span>

Michael Grove




Risk ManagerHealth CareMike is a senior studying Agricultural Economics. He has always been interested in trading. Growing up on a farm, he became fascinated with grain markets. Joining the Bison Fund has given him a deeper appreciation for the stock market. Being one of the only Ag Econ majors in the fund, he tries to provide a different prospective and be a liason between the finance and agriculture departments. After graduation, he has a career lined up with The Scoular Company as a grain merchandiser.<//span><//span><//span><//span>

Dr. Fariz Huseynov

Faculty Advisor

Bison Fund Questionnaire

Bison Fund Questionnaire

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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