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The FABO Club is composed of members who have an interest in fashion retailing and design. FABO is open to all NDSU and Tri-College students especially those in Apparel and Textiles and Interior Design. Its purpose is to give students a practical perspective/overview of careers and opportunities related to the apparel design and fashion fields.

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Benefits of Membership
As a FABO member you will have the opportunity to be a part of a group of peple who enjoy the work of fashion. You will be encouraged to live your dream, develop skills and confidence, to make it happen and network with other students and industry professionals.

FABO offers multiple opportunities to prepare you for your career in the fashion industry. Activities reflect what occurs daily in design studios, showrooms, corporate offices, and retail stores. You will gain exposure in the industry through guest speakers, fashion shows, field trips to places like Minneapolis and Winnipeg.

Faculty Advisors: Sara Sunderlin (231-7482)

Student President 2018/2019: Mackenzie Koenig