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Hospitality & Tourism Management Course Descriptions
NDSU Course Descriptions 2013-2014

ADHM 140 - Introduction to the Hospitality Industry (3 Credits)
Overview of the hospitality industry; its history, components, career opportunities, development, and future trends with application to food service, lodging, and travel. F

ADHM 141 - Tourism and Travel Management (3 Credits)
Application of management principles and techniques to the tourism and resort industry with emphasis on tourism components, recreational activities, and impact of the travel and tourism industry. S

ADHM 241 - Hospitality Accounting (3 Credits)
Basic financial hospitality accounting concepts and practices. Interpretation of accounting and financial control systems in management decision making; uniform system of accounts, departmentalized costing procedures; ration analysis; budgeting, financial statement analysis and interpretation. Prereq: ACCT 102, ADHM 140, 141. F

ADHM 360 - Lodging Operations Management (3 Credits)
This course examines the development of the lodging industry and current trends. Organization and administration of lodging operations including front desk, housekeeping, laundry, sales/marketing, management, and other positions common to lodging operations. Prereq or Co-Req: ADHM 140, 141. S

ADHM 381 - Hospitality Marketing and Sales (3 Credits)
Basic marketing theory and contemporary practice as adapted to the hospitality industry. Emphasis on consumer behavior, market opportunities, marketing research and strategies, and marketing plans. Prereq: ADHM 140, 141, MRKT 320. S, SU (on-line)

ADHM 384 - Beverage Operations (3 Credits)
Identification and evaluation of beverages served in hospitality establishments with a focus on making quality decisions. Beverages presented will include alcohol (spirits, wines, liqueurs, and beer), coffee, tea, soft drinks, and mineral waters. Prereq: ADHM 140 or 141 and students must be 21 years of age or older. S

ADHM 401 - Convention and Meeting Planning (3 Credits)
The roles and responsibilities of professional meeting planners are examined. Planning or hosting a convention or meeting for a corporation, association, or special group. Emphasis on audio/visual equipment, room layout, and special requests. Prereq or Co-Req: ADHM 381 or ADHM 140 or 141 and junior standing. S

ADHM 402 - Professional Catering Management (3 Credits)
Study and application of advanced operational managerial principles of food service management for on- or off-premise catering and special events. Prereq: HNES 141, 261, 261L. F

ADHM 403 - Resort Development and Management (3 Credits)
Study and application of concepts in the development and management of a successful resort. The course includes discussions on resort planning, marketing, and finance. Prereq: ADHM 140 or 141. F

ADHM 404 - Restaurant Operations Management (3 Credits)
Application of food, beverage, and service management principles in a commercial foodservice setting with emphasis on challenges, responsibilities, and current trends associated with operations management. Prereq: HNES 261, 261L. Co-Req: ADHM 404L. F

ADHM 404L - Restaurant Operations Management Laboratory (2 Credits)
This course is a student-driven quantity food production experience focusing on practical applications of commercial foodservice management principles in an upscale dining setting. Co-req: ADHM 404. F

ADHM 405 - Casino Operations (3 Credits)
Methods, procedures, and ethical principles utilized in managing a casino operation. Gaming regulations and taxes, mathematics of casino games, casino management, and marketing are addressed. Prereq: Junior standing. F

ADHM 406 - Professional Club Management (3 Credits)
Exploration of the topics involved in club management. Topics discussed include history and current trends of public and private clubs, country clubs, food and beverage service, marketing, and event and financial management. Prereq: ADHM 140 or ADHM 141 and at least junior standing. F

ADHM 411 - Food and World Cultures (3 Credits)
An integrated approach to the study of foods and cultures. Food influences on demography, habitat, social traditions and settings, social status, religious beliefs, gender, and environmental considerations. History, concepts, and principles of cultures and cuisines. F, S, SU (on-line)

ADHM 425 - Experiential Retailing (3 Credits)
Explore experiential retailing of products, services and experiences that encompass utilitarian and hedonic consumption. Apply strategies for planning, developing, and presenting products or services to create a total consumer experience. Prereq: ADHM 140 or ADHM 171 or MGMT 320 or MRKT 320.{Also offered for graduate credit - see ADHM 625.} SU

ADHM 435 - Cost Controls in Hospitality and Food Service Systems (3 Credits)
Provides fundamental knowledge of hospitality managerial accounting, cost controls, and financial management. Includes financial statement analysis, cost concepts, cost-volume-profit analysis, calculating and controlling food and beverage costs, pricing, and capital budgeting. Prereq: ADHM 241. {Also offered for graduate credit - see ADHM 635.} S

ADHM 467 - Hospitality Law (3 Credits)
Legal considerations of hospitality property management and exploration of important legislation. Legal rights, liabilities and responsibilities of the operator in conjunction with management policies. Prereq: Senior standing. F

ADHM 479 - Hospitality Industry Management Strategies (3 Credits)
Capstone course for HTM majors. Includes opportunities to analyze hospitality issues, make strategic business decisions, and solve practical problems through case studies and simulations. Prereq: ADHM 360 and ADHM 435, Senior standing. S

ADHM 489 - Study Tour (1 - 3 Credits)
Faculty-directed tour to key fashion, design, tourism destinations, or business centers in the U.S. and abroad. Visits to off-campus destinations provide students contact with practicing professionals as they are exposed to the fast pace of a changing global industry. May be repeated. Prereq: ADHM 140 or 160, 171.

ADHM 491 – Seminar (1 – 3 Credits)

ADHM 496 – Field Experience (3 Credits) Summer internship only
Prereq: Junior standing

ADHM 635 - Cost Controls in Hospitality and Food Service Systems (3 Credits)
Provides fundamental knowledge of hospitality managerial accounting, cost controls, and financial management. Includes financial statement analysis, cost concepts, cost-volume-profit analysis, calculating and controlling food and beverage costs, pricing, and capital budgeting. Prereq: ADHM 241.{Also offered for undergraduate credit - see ADHM 435.}

HNES 141 - Food Sanitation (1 Credit)
Principles of safe food handling practices designed for foodservice operators. Includes Food Safety Managers' Certification. Restricted to Dietetics, Hospitality, Family Consumer Science, Food Science, and Food Safety majors and minors only.

HNES 261 - Food Selection and Preparation Principles (3 Credits)
Scientific principles underlying food selection, preparation, and preservation; integration of nutrition principles, food standards, cost comparisons, and new food developments. Prereq: HNES 141 and CHEM 117 or 121

HNES 261L - Food Selection and Preparation Principles Laboratory (2 Credits)
Illustrates and extends lecture topics and stresses practical application of scientific food preparation principles. Prereq: HNES 141. Coreq: HNES 261.

HD&E 320 - Professional Issues. (1 Credit)
Analysis and integration of professional perspectives and trends; life career development skills (self-assessment, resume writing, interviewing, and correspondence.) Prereq: Junior standing.

EMGT 461. Business Continuity and Crisis Management. (3 Credits)
This course provides an overview of planning and management principles applicable to business or operational resumption following an emergency. The emphasis will be on minimizing the impact of a disaster on business operations. {Also offered for graduate credit - see EMGT 661.}