About The Program

Q: What personal characteristics make for a successful graduate of this program?
A: People-oriented and service-minded individuals tend to perform well in the program. Students who work well with others are better prepared for the collaborative work environments they would experience in the field.

Q: Is this program accredited?
A: The program was established in 1985 and initial accreditation was received in 2004 and renewed in 2010 from the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration (ACPHA). We are the only 4-year program in North Dakota accredited by ACPHA.

Q: Do I get an academic advisor when I declare the major?
A: Yes.  HTM majors with fewer than 60 credits are advised by a Department Professional Academic Advisor.  Students with at least 60 credits are assigned to one of the full time HTM faculty.

Q: What is a typical class size?
A: Core classes typically range from 25-40 students; electives may run from 12-35.

Q: What student organizations are associated with this major?  
A: We have a very active student organization called the Hospitality Student Association (HSA—add hyperlink to the previous page about HSA). They meet monthly, bring in industry speakers, tour local operations, plan and undertake study trips of their own (w/ faculty advisors of course), and plan and produce a food and wine show each spring.  Involvement provides students with leadership and networking opportunities. 

Q: Is a minor in Hospitality and Tourism Management available through this program?
A: Yes, an 18-credit HTM minor is offered.  (hyperlink HTM to minor)