HEM Program Mission

The mission of the Hospitality and Event Management (HEM) program is to develop effective and efficient leaders of the Hospitality and Event industry. To achieve this mission, it is our goal that students graduating from the HEM program at NDSU will demonstrate leadership skills by having the following:

  • Knowledge of the industry
  • People management skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • A sense of responsibility

 Please see the Program Learning Outcomes for the NDSU HEM program.

Hospitality and Event Management Degrees

HEM at NDSU offers a four-year BS degree in Hospitality and Event Management. HEM degree provides you with specialized instruction in the operation of hospitality and event businesses. Curriculum is designed to help you master the fundamentals of managing hotels, resorts and spas, casinos, restaurants, meeting and convention venues, and tourism destinations.

A 24-credit minor in business is required with this major. The minor provides a strong basic business background on which we build depth of knowledge concerning the specifics of marketing and management in the hospitality industry.

Learn more about Business Administration minor ⇒

A minor in Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) is available. The 18-credit minor in HTM will provide a student with a basic background in the field. Students often combine this with a major in Business Administration, Management, Marketing, Strategic Communications, Interior Design, Sport Management, University Studies, or Apparel, Retail Merchandising, and Design.

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Create Your Career

HEM program at NDSU provides you with a strong educational background for a variety of career options in the hospitality industry. Our graduates find work in hotels, restaurants, casinos, resorts, country clubs, meeting and event planning, and more. Explore career options ⇒

The 2021 NDSU Career Outcomes Report shows that 100% of our graduates were employed in full-time jobs six months post-graduation. 


We are the only four-year HEM program in North Dakota accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration (ACPHA).



The program has undergone this process to ensure students receive a quality education. The ACPHA guidelines and standards help us pursue excellence in the area of hospitality administration. Learn more about ACPHA ⇒



Real-world Learning


You will “learn by doing” through our strong emphasis on experiential learning. A summer internship (ADHM 496 Field Experience) will provide you with not only a hand-on learning experience, but also the opportunity to create connection with hospitality employers. After reaching junior standing (60 credits) you are required to complete 240 hours of internship at a hospitality or tourism organization of your choice, with approval from the internship coordinator.

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Study Tours and Faculty-led Study Abroad

A study tour will give the opportunity to learn more about the industry beyond what can be taught in the classrooms. Study tours are faculty-led tours to hospitality establishments, foodservice operations, and tourist destinations in various cities around the United States. Study tours are offered approximately once per year and are variable credit.

International study tours are facilitated through the Study Abroad Office at NDSU. HEM students can participate in tours such as ADHM 379 Iconic Dubai.

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Industry Field Trips and Guest Speakers

One of the key strengths of the Hospitality and Event Management program is its connections with the local industry and community facilitated by the faculty.  Local and regional hospitality operations often host our students for field trips. Faculty also invite hospitality and event professionals as guest speakers to provide insight on current industry practices or to demonstrate industry skills.



Meet our Alumni

Our alumni have secured noteworthy positions across the spectrum of the hospitality and tourism industries and across the globe.  Click on alumni photo below to view their biography and learn about work they do.





Grow your spark into a flame!

Hospitality and Event Management
Jeongdoo Park
Associate Professor/Program Coordinator of Hospitality and Event Management 
E. Morrow Lebedeff Hall 304
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Phone: 701-231-8224
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Email: jeongdoo.park@ndsu.edu

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