ASID Student Chapter

NDSU interior design students participate locally in the student chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Sophomore, junior and senior students have the opportunity to participate in the North Dakota Interior Designers (NDID) organization. A number of professionals visit campus each year to present programs and informational seminars with students. Trips are planned to local, regional, national, and international design studios, architectural firms and product markets to supplement course work. NDSU interior design students are encouraged to enter design competitions and have experienced a very high success rate. They have been the recipients of scholarship awards and regional and national design competition awards.

ASID offers national award programs, scholarships and grants, official competition standards, and industry and market programs. Members learn and interact with other students and professionals.

Monthly meetings, informative programs, fundraising projects, field trips, community service projects and regional and national conferences.

Faculty Advisors
Susan Ray-Degges
Phone: (701) 231 - 7218

Ann Ragan
Phone: (701) 231 - 7359

ASID Student President
Courtney Starry