Sophomore Review

The Interior Design program at NDSU has a selective admission policy.  Enrollment in sophomore level interior design courses requires a 3.0 institutional cumulative grade-point average.  Admission into upper-level courses is based upon demonstrated professional interest, a 3.0 institutional cumulative grade-point average, a minimum grade of “C” in all major core requirements, and a portfolio review process which takes place at the end of sophomore year, called Sophomore Review.  Students must maintain the 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA requirement and earn a grade of “C” or better in all major core requirements throughout the remainder of the program.

Sophomore Review is conducted in order to maintain quality standards in the Interior Design Program at North Dakota State University.  The review process evaluates the student’s abilities as demonstrated by selected design applications.

Sophomore Review - From an upperclassmen perspective:
“Sophomore Review occurs in April before the semester is through. I call it the “golden key to advancement” because it is a mandatory process reviewing a student's work in order to advance into the program. Freshman and sophomores have both asked me questions about the review expressing genuine concern. The best advice I could give is, “If you’re passionate about it, enjoy it, and have a sincere skill, it won’t go unnoticed". But to get more perspective, I’ll go a bit further so you know what to expect.”

Review Process
1. Submit application and portfolio
2. Complete an Interview Conference
3. Faculty Review Student Portfolio
4. Results from Interview and Portfolio are compiled
5. Faculty make final decision of students to accept or not to accept
6. Students are contacted as to being accepted or not accepted in the program