The 36 credit Master's Degree program consists of ten required 3-credit courses listed below, as well as a 6-credit practicum and/or thesis as required by each institution:

Consumer Behavior
Professional Advancement
Professional Strategies in Merchandising
Product Design, Development and Evaluation
Financial Merchandising Implications
Research Methods
International Retail Expansion
Retail Theory and Current Practice
Historical and Contemporary Issues in Trade
Strategic Planning

Schedule of Courses Offered


The 12 credit graduate certificate program consists of three required 3-credit courses and one elective 3-credit course, listed below.

Consumer Behavior
Professional Advancement
Retail Theory and Current Practice

 (and choose one elective)

Product Design, Development and Evaluation
Promotional Strategies in Merchandising 

Schedule of Courses Offered

ADHM Comprehensive Study Contract
ADHM Cumulative Graduate Student Activity Report for Evaluation of Progress
Agreement to Abide by Professional and Academic Standards



ADHM 710 Consumer Behavior in Merchandising
Evaluation of psychological, sociaological, and cultural theories of consumers' behavior through the examination of factors influencing consumers; decision-making process.  

ADHM 720 Professional Advancement
Analysis of leadership and how it affects organizational culture and change through a prism of past and current experiences.  Various leadership styles will be examined and a personal leadership philosophy will be developed for professional advancement in Merchandising.

ADHM 730 Product Design, Development and Evaluation
Advanced study of issues and management strategies necessary to design and produce a competitively priced product.  Examination of the role of globalization and rapidly changing technology in the development of a successful product.

ADHM 740 Promotional Strategies in Merchandising
Examination of integrated marketing communications (i.e., promotional strategies and techniques) while fostering cultural and global awareness, social responsiblity and ethical decision-making in the field of promotion.

ADHM 750 Retail Theory and Current Practice
Theoretical and applied analysis of Merchandising strategies; assessment of internal and external environmental forces impacting strategic decisions by retail firms; synthesis of past and present trends in order to forecast probable future patterns.  Prerequisit:  Retail Management course.

ADHM 760 Historical and Contemporary Issues in Trade
The examination of fiber, textile, and apparel industries in a global context.  Specifically, a look at the historical development of the global and U.S. textile and apparel industries and how the global environment (economic, political, and social systems) affects the textile/apparel production and trade.

ADHM 770 International Retail Expansion
Comprehensive understanding of theory, practices and trends on international merchandise management.  An analysis of global retail systems and the methods of distributed to consumers in various countries.

ADHM 775 Research Methods in Merchandising
This class will provide an overview of the research process used in social science, including an overview and analysis of research methodologies. This class will also include a review of current Merchandising literature with implications for future research.  Prerequisites:  Graduate level course in statistics.

ADHM 780 Financial Merchandising Implications
The advanced study of financial trends in the Merchandising industries; implications related to sole proprietors, partnerships, franchises, S corporations, and C corporations.  Foci will be on the financial implications of recent advances in the field that assist graduate students as they embark on careers in academia and/or the Merchandising industries.

ADHM 785 Strategic Planning
Examination of the executive planning process utilized to develop successful corporate strategies; emphasis on the importance of a market orientation for building customer value and sustaining a competitive advantage.  Pre-requisites:  ADHM 740, instructor permission.