NDSU Tartan

photo of students with tartan products

Tartan Pride

The NDSU Tartan Story

Fall 2010 saw the beginnings of the official NDSU tartan.   The university was beginning a new branding effort and our department wanted to be a part of this campaign. Additionally, we were looking for a departmental project in which students from all three of our majors could have an active role, enhance their educational learning opportunities, and raise money for student scholarships and faculty research.  A plan was developed and presented to President Dean Bresciani in January 2011, including the purpose, process and anticipated outcomes for students, faculty and NDSU of undertaking the NDSU Tartan Project.  President Bresciani enthusiastically approved the plan.  From these beginnings, the NDSU Tartan Project was born.

A tartan design competition was held in February 2011.   All students majoring or minoring in the Department of Apparel, Design and Hospitality Management were given opportunity to submit designs and potentially win the contest.  Seventy-six students submitted original tartans for the competition.  The departmental faculty tartan committee selected the top ten best designs.  These ten designs were narrowed down to three by a committee made up of President Bresciani, Director of Athletics Gene Taylor, and representatives from several sectors of the university to ensure that faculty, staff, students and alumni were represented.
The three top designs were displayed on the NDSU Homepage for online voting.  More than 12,500 online votes were cast by NDSU students, alumni, faculty, and staff.  Kelly Nelson, a junior at the time majoring in apparel, retail merchandising and design, from Bismarck ND designed the winning tartan.  The NDSU Tartan has been approved and registered with the Scottish Registry of Tartan in the United Kingdom and is licensed in the United States.  It has been adopted as the official NDSU Tartan.