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Summer Orientation Registration Session Resources

Thank you to those who help with summer orientation registration sessions.
Please utilize the resources below as you prepare to work with new students at registration.

New Student Orientation Program Learning Outcomes

New Student Orientation Program
updated January 2016


In collaboration with the campus community, new student orientation programs provide services and assistance to aid new students and their families in the transition to NDSU and support students in their academic and social integration into the life of the University.

Learning Outcomes:

The new student orientation program is intended to address the following service and learning outcomes:

  •          Students will strengthen their sense of affinity to NDSU
  •          Students will increase their knowledge of academic expectations and processes 
  •          Students will increase their understanding of financial processes, obligations, and options
  •          Students will increase their knowledge of NDSU resources, including faculty, staff, programs, services, and the campus

Orientation X-Drive: The Orientation Daily Student Attendee List

The Orientation folder available in your X-Drive contains a daily list of the students that will be attending orientation for each session. Advisors should use this information to prepare and familiarize themselves with the students they will be meeting with that day at registration. The list is updated each morning by about 10:30 a.m. to account for any students who may have changed their major at check-in.
To request access to this information, coordinate with your department/college contact who previously provided this information and contact Nancy Mueller ( in Student Success Programs.

The information available in the lists will help advisors to:

  • Estimate the number of students they may expect at registration that day to make sure the appropriate number of staff and advisors are available for students.
  • Familiarize themselves with the students they will be working with to provide a more customized advising experience.
  • Access to daily student attendees to prepare by obtaining transcripts for placement scores and other available transfer credit information to better prepare for course suggestions
  • Notes on special student populations for course planning

    • Athlete (orientation use only): These students are noted in the X-Drive, as they have some limitations on course times. You may contact Kelli Layman if you have any questions.
    • Honors Program: These students are part of the NDSU Honors Program and need to register for a 3-credit HON 151 course. See Honors Program information below for more detail.
    • Conditional Admit (Yes/No column): These students no longer have a credit limit on fall registration

Please download a copy of the file and save to your computer before you begin to make changes and sorting in the files. The worksheets are protected, so you will need to save a copy to your computer, then open the file and choose the "Review" tab at the top and "Unprotect Sheet." 

Frequently Used Links:

English 110: The English 100 course is now rolled in to the English 110 course. Students only need to enroll in English 110, but the course is now 4 credits.

ASC 87: College Writing Prep II
Course Times- See R&R cluster staff member for collaborative registration form completion

See Placement web site for more information if students would like to challenge their initial placement.


The Math Placement exam will not be available during the orientation day. Students received information to complete the test prior to attending orientation. Students may complete the test after orientation, and advisors and students may want to connect again to discuss any possible course registration changes.

All students are eligible to take a Math Placement test to challenge their initial placement. See placement web site for more information for students to challenge their initial placement. 

Questions about Math Placement can initially be directed to the NDSU One Stop 701-231-6200 or the Registration & Records staff member assisting in your registration computer lab if you have questions during the registration session.


Contact Dr. Gwen Stickney with any questions. If sections are full, encourage students to get on the wait list and attend first class sessions. The instructor will keep students updated on the wait list process. Students may also be in contact with Dr. Stickney about other classes that may meet their needs. Students should also know that they may change courses in the first week if they need to adjust based on their placement. 


HON 151: Sapien Logic - course also fulfills Humanities & Fine Arts General Education requirement; 3 credits

 Other Quick Links:

 General Education Category Advisement Report - How To Access (Helpful to view student transfer credit info!)

All Other Orientation Information -


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