What to Expect

The future can be full of uncertainty, however, trying out the AFROTC program is a great avenue to start this journey. Some benefits of joining our program include:

    ‣ No obligation; Non-contract cadets can learn and experience the military lifestyle to see if it's a right fit.
    ‣ You will experience camaraderie which is unmatched in most other organizations (we call it "Wingmanship").
    ‣ Take part in experiences that you will remember for a lifetime.
    ‣ Grow as an individual and gain a sense of belonging with a group of peers who share common interests.
    ‣ Develop a healthy and fit lifestyle.
    ‣ Base visits (go see an AF base up close, with the trip paid for by the government).
    ‣ Travel free on space-available military flights as a contracted cadet.
    ‣ Access to sporting events (i.e. on the field for Bison games).
    ‣ Get college credit for Air Force ROTC courses and earn an Aerospace Studies minor.
    ‣ Scholarship opportunities, which cover tuition, most fees, and includes a book allotment.
    ‣ Get extra spending money: $300 to $500 nontaxable monthly stipend while in school.
    ‣ Receive the in-state tuition rate for contracted cadets.
    ‣ Learn new organizational skills to help you succeed in other classes.
    ‣ Develop leadership and managerial skills through hands-on practice, which you will use as an Air Force and Space Force officer or in corporate America.
    ‣ Enter a select network of ROTC graduates across the military and commercial world.
    ‣ Hone your teamwork skills through group problem-solving exercises.

Some benefits after graduation and commissioning include:

    ‣ Guaranteed employment for 4 years or more in a leadership position in over 150 officer career paths after graduation.
    ‣ Starting salary about $55k per year with regular pay raises.
    ‣ 30 days paid vacation per year.
    ‣ Travel the world for basically free (official business or on vacation).
    ‣ Tax-free housing and food allowances.
    ‣ Access to base recreational facilities and programs that offer free or discounted tickets.
    ‣ Comprehensive medical/dental care for you and low-cost coverage for your spouse/children.
    ‣ Low-cost life insurance for you and your spouse/children.
    ‣ Retirement eligible after only 20 years.
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