Scholarship Opportunities

High school seniors can apply for the High School Scholarship Program (HSSP) during the first semester of their senior year.  The HSSP scholarship enables graduating high school students to leave their senior year KNOWING they have free money to pay for school!

If you did not apply for the HSSP or were not accepted, there are opportunities to receive a scholarship under the In-College Scholarship Program after your first semester in the university.  For In-College Scholarship opportunities, cadets are nominated by the detachment commander based on a number of factors, so you will not apply for this scholarship opportunity.  Preparing for school, ensuring you have excellent time management, and earning a good grade point average will help make you competitive for this selective program.

Each scholarship is accompanied with a monthly stipend ranging from $300-$500 to be used however the student wishes.  Additionally, each scholarship cadet receives an additional $900/yr for books!

Furthermore, HSSP Scholarship Cadets receive a AFROTC Housing and Dining Waiver. This waiver allows Cadets to receive the following:

  • One-year of room and board (two semesters) for free
  • 7-day unlimited meal plan (two semesters) for free

For more information about AFROTC Scholarships, please visit

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