About Ron Haugen

Ron Haugen is an Extension Farm Management Specialist. He has been in the department since 1991. Farm management topics include: crop budgets, crop insurance, farm programs, custom farm rates, land rents, machinery economics, commodity price projections and agricultural income taxes. He computes the North Dakota Land Valuation Model.


M.S. in Agricultural Economics, North Dakota State University, 1989

B.S. in Agricultural Economics, North Dakota State University, 1983

A.S. in Computer Programming, North Dakota State School on Science, 1980

Selected Publications

Ronald Haugen. Results of the North Dakota Land Valuation Model for the 2019 Agricultural Real Estate Assessments. NDSU Department of Agribusiness and Applied Economics Report No. 789, North Dakota State University.  16 pp.  May 2019.

Selected Extension Circulars

Ron Haugen and Andrew and Ron Haugen.  Projected 2020 Crop Budgets North Dakota. NDSU Extension Service.  December 2019. For nine regions within the state.

Haugen, Ron, Tim Petry and Frayne Olson. Plotting A Course 2020: Short-Term and Long-Term Agricultural Planning Prices for North Dakota 2020. NDSU Extension Circular EC-1090 (Revised), North Dakota State University.  4 pp.  January 2020.

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