About David Ripplinger

David Ripplinger is an Associate Professor in the Department of Agribusiness and Applied Economics at North Dakota State University and bioproducts/bioenergy economics specialist with NDSU Extension. In these roles, David conducts research and provides support to farmers and the bioenergy industry. 

  • 2012 PhD Transportation and Logistics, North Dakota State University 
  • 2003 MS Agricultural Economics, Iowa State University
  • 2001 BS Agricultural Economics, North Dakota State University                  
Recent Publications
  • Maung, T.A., Gustafson, C.R., Saxowsky, D.M., Nowatski, J., Miljkovic, T., and D. Ripplinger.  2013. The Logistics of Supplying Single vs. Multi-crop Cellulosic Feedstocks to a Biorefinery in Southeast North Dakota.  Applied Energy, Vol 109, 229-238.
  • Ripplinger, D., Hayes, D., Goggi, S., and K. Lamkey.  2009. Insuring against Losses from Transgenic Contamination: The Case of Pharmaceutical Maize. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 91. No.2, pp. 322-334.
Funded Grants
  • Co-PI: Department of Energy, competitive grant, “Development of High-Output, Low-Input Energy
  • Beets”, 2013-2015, $1,800,000 ($238,000 to NDSU; NDSU Lead).
  • Co-PI:  Renewable Energy Council, competitive grant, “Renewable Energy Commodity Trading Education Program”, 2013-2016, $500,000 (Bill Wilson PI)
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