About David Roberts

David Roberts is an Assistant Professor of Agribusiness and Applied Economics at North Dakota State University. His research focuses on the impacts of agricultural production methods on the environment and natural resources. David is particularly interested in the economics of precision agriculture technologies and the response of cropping patterns and land use change to emerging biofuels policy at the Federal level.

His doctoral dissertation research investigated the relative profitability of several different mid-season optimal nitrogen rate prediction systems for winter wheat in Oklahoma, and investigated how incorporation of uncertainty in estimated and predicted production functions can increase the profitability of the prediction systems. David’s MS thesis investigated the suitability of water quality trading as a policy instrument for dealing with nutrient runoff from agricultural operations in Tennessee. Results showed conditions in polluted watersheds in Tennessee likely will not support robust trading in water quality allowances or offsets.

  • AGEC 339, Quantitative Methods and Decision Making
  • ECON 201, Principles of Microeconomics
  • ECON 482, Environmental Economics
Academic Experience

Assistant Professor, North Dakota State University, 2009-present

  • PhD Agricultural Economics, Oklahoma State University, 2009
  • MS Agricultural Economics, The University of Tennessee-Knoxville, 2006
  • BA Spanish, The University of Tennessee-Knoxville, 2003
Selected Publications

Roberts, D.C., B.W. Brorsen, J.B. Solie, and W.R. Raun. 2013. “Is Data Needed from Every Field to Determine In-Season Precision Nitrogen Recommendations in Winter Wheat?” Precision Agriculture 14(3):245-296.

Roberts, D.C., B.W. Brorsen, J.B. Solie and W.R. Raun. 2011. “The Effect of Parameter Uncertainty on Whole-Field Nitrogen Recommendations from Nitrogen-Rich Strips and Ramped Strips in Winter Wheat.” Agricultural Systems 104(4):307-314. 

Roberts, D.C., B.W. Brorsen, R.K. Taylor, J.B. Solie, and W.R. Raun. 2011. “Replicability of Nitrogen Recommendations from Ramped Calibration Strips in Winter Wheat.” Precision Agriculture 12(5): 653-665.

Roberts, D.C., C.D. Clark, W.M. Park, B.C. English, and R.K. Roberts. 2009. “Estimating Riparian Buffer Costs for the Harpeth River Watershed.” Review of Agricultural Economics 31(4): 894-913. 

Roberts, D.C., T.A. Boyer, and J.L. Lusk. 2008. “Preferences for Environmental Quality under Uncertainty.” Ecological Economics 66(4): 584-593. 

Roberts, D.C., C.D. Clark, W.M. Park, and B.C. English. 2008. “A Spatial Assessment of Possible Water Quality Trading Markets in Tennessee.” Review of Agricultural Economics 30(4): 711-728.

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